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One of the biggest names in fashion, CP Company was established in 1975 and continues to be running at the forefront of current trends. Founded by Massimo Osti, Osti began experimenting with printing techniques during the 60s in which he wanted to harness the functionality within traditional fabrics. Having gone from strength to strength over the years, when you take a look back at their impressive catalogue it's clear to see why they're are pioneering the fashion & function style.

Much of the CP Company’s clothing is based on military uniforms and work suits. Massimo Osti was renowned for his signature style, calling it a ‘hybridization of archival military, work, and sportswear models’. Using the finest Italian fabrics, Massimo’s Osti’s fashion house soon became infamous for its signature style and look. 

Revolutionary designs sprung from Massimo’s extensive collection of military uniforms, astronaut suits and even pieces from deep-sea divers. Furthermore, CP Company has experimented with dying techniques when Osti began trialing out printing techniques during the 60s in which he wanted to harness the functionality within traditional fabrics. He was able to create an older aesthetic in order to make a difference and stand out against other more traditional menswear of the time. In the words of CP Company, Otsi always strived to “create what does not yet exist”.

Today, CP Company continues to undergo extensive research and experiments into materials, inspiration and dying techniques to make sure that their ranges are exclusive and continue to push the boundaries and challenge fashion conformity. Once a product has been produced, CP Company puts the goods through an ‘experimental dye workshop and printing laboratory’ to unveil new techniques and treatments to ensure that the products are evocative of everything that the CP Company stands for.

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The History of CP Company

CP Company has a core philosophy of ‘Function and Use’ which really underpins Osti’s core beliefs as a designer. Osti began experimenting with printing techniques during the 60s in which he wanted to harness the functionality within traditional fabrics.

With over 40 years of history, the CP Company has been home to the production of over 40,000 garments, continuing to grow and develop their brands’ iconic style CP Company has a core philosophy of ‘Function and Use’ which really underpins Osti’s core beliefs as a designer. Fast Forward to the current day, CP Company remains at the forefront of high end fashion growing on a global scale with its fashion followers. With CP’s sister company Stone Island emerging, the team grew rapidly and with them followed a whirlwind of success

However, CP Company aren’t new to the world of all things celebrity and editorial fashion. Throughout the 80s, CP Company were keen to encourage a change in the way that men dressed, experimenting with style, fabric and technique to create something that had yet to be successfully accomplished.

From this, celebrities worked alongside CP Company, one of the most famous examples being Madonna who was photographed by Herb Ritts wearing CP Company ion 1987, before that actor, Mickey Rourke was the first to be photographed wearing CP Company. Since then, big names such as Daniel Day Lewis, Dennis Hopper and Noel Gallagher have all been spotted wearing CP Company, offering a revolutionary gateway for men into the world of high end.

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Styling Tips

Okay so now you know loads about the company and their clothes, but how to wear them is a completely different ball game that can seem daunting. So we thought we would help! We have selected a few of our personal favourites and there

Here at Stuarts London, we offer a range of half-zip sweatshirts in and amongst out selection of knitwear but we appreciate that it can be hard to know when’s best to wear them. In recent months, the half-zip sweatshirt has made its way back to the forefront of fashion, meaning that everybody will be wanting to jump on the trend.

So why not be the first to the fashion front with our CP Company elite quality sweatshirts? These sweatshirts can be worn in both a formal and informal setting, making them one of your wardrobe’s most versatile pieces. These sweatshirts are great if you’re going out for a meal, offering comfort whilst keeping you smart for the occasion. If you’re not a shirt person, then half-zips are a great alternative for more formal events, especially throughout the cooler months.

If you’re more of a casual person then wearing this sweatshirt is the perfect way to dress your wardrobe down without losing sophistication and style. Whether you’re popping out or meeting friends for coffee, the half-zip is the ideal attire essential. One of the best things about CP Company’s half-zip sweatshirts is their ability to be whatever you want them to be. They are a wardrobe staple that offers a great sense of freedom, enabling you to wear it to a multitude of occasions, keeping things smart, casual and comfy-– all at the same time.

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Here at Stuarts London, our CP Company range is highly popular and all of our products offer something that little bit different. CP Company’s Merino Knitwear Crew Neck jumper is a great choice for the upcoming cooler season.  With the iconic CP Company logo on the arm, the jumper is subtle whilst conforming to the CP Company’s ethics of boundary-breaking fashion.

So, if you want to stay on trend and embrace one of fashion’s biggest names then this jumper is ideal for Autumnal outings and for remaining fashionable throughout the cooler months. People often say ‘the price you pay for fashion’, but in truth, the price you pay for fashion with CP Company is one that provides comfort, style and warmth.

This jumper is perfect for pairing up with both smart and casual so you can rest assured that this really is a successful purchase.

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The CP Company’s iconic beanie is a fashion must-have, with the goggle branding making it instantly recognisable– you’ll be able to stand out as a fashion forward individual. Influenced heavily by military outerwear, the beanie embodies everything that the CP Company has built upon over their years in the industry, remaining true to their fashion story.

Not only does the beanie encapsulate the core values of CP Company but also offers a stylish alternative to winter accessories so that you don’t have to lose your flare for fashion during the colder months. Made from 100% wool, the CP Company’s goggles are made in Italy, taking the brand back to its roots.

If you’re looking for an accessory that is sure to keep you on trend while made from the finest quality materials then CP Company is the place to start your journey into the world of fashion. This beanie hat is a great addition with a casual look, demonstrating that fashion doesn’t always have to equate to dressing up and can be incorporated into your day to day life. 

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