5. Menswear Inspiration


Merz B Schwanen – As Seen In ‘The Bear’

With Season 2 released just a couple of months ago, there has been a lot of hype recently over Jeremy Allen White’s, aka Carmen's character in the FX show The Bear. In what has been potentially the show of the summer across the pond, the main character 'Carmy', without giving any spoilers, in a nutshell struggles with the realities of running a small family business.


Grill & Chill: Dressing to Impress at a BBQ – Essential Style Tips for Men

BBQ season is in full swing, and if you are frantically searching for men’s BBQ outfits – we’ve got your back. Keep reading to find the styling tips you need for BBQ dressing, including key brands to explore and summer staples you can bring out as the grills get hot and the ice cubes start to melt.  We’ll discuss understanding the setting, dressing for the weather and finding an outfit that is stylish but still appropriate for casual wear. We’ll break down the outfits you should wear for a BBQ, including the garments and accessories you need to look the sharpest man during the sizzling summer season.


The Last Minute Men’s Holiday Essentials To Pack

Have you booked a last-minute holiday and realised you have nothing to wear? Don’t worry; we’re here to take all the stress out of finding holiday attire that will make you look the coolest man on the island. Keep reading to find out which holiday outfit essentials you should pack for your next trip, including holiday staples, trend pieces and a mix of timeless classic garments you can keep in your suitcase for years to come.


Top Pick Shades this Summer at Stuarts

Sunglasses are essential in summer for numerous reasons. Firstly, they protect our eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted by the sun, with prolonged exposure to UV rays potentially leading to serious eye conditions. Additionally, they shield our delicate eye area from dust, debris, and insects, providing a barrier of protection. Finally, and maybe just as importantly in our eyes, they are a stylish accessory adding a touch of fashion and personality to your summer looks.


Men’s Summer Pub Garden Outfit Ideas

Here in the UK Summer is most definitely underway with the sun shining and temperatures rising & of course with that brings more excuses to make the most of it with a nice cold pint. A lot of guys can overcomplicate their summer looks and unsure how to dress up or down correctly. Here at Stuarts London we provide a range of pub outfit options ranging from smarter knitted polos, button down shirts to lightweight cotton tees & shorts to match with fresh white trainers. Check out a few looks we have put together below.


Tenniscore Takeover: The Trending Aesthetic to be Aware of

The Tenniscore takeover is one of the latest aesthetic trends to bleed into our wardrobes. It takes luxury athleisure and relaxed styling and fuses them with a touch of the old-money aesthetic. Tennis clothing has strict parameters, and players can be fined for not wearing all white on the court at high-level competitions, such as Wimbledon. The good news about Tenniscore fashion is that you don’t have to be as strict as an Umpire with how you incorporate the aesthetic into your wardrobe. At Stuarts London, we have collated the... Read More


History Behind The Iconic Hawaiian Shirt

The Hawaiian shirt, also known as the aloha shirt, is a kind of dress shirt that has its roots in Hawaii. They are formal shirts with collars and buttons, typically with short sleeves, and made of printed cloth. They can be tucked into the waist of pants, although they are typically worn untucked. In Hawaii, they are worn formally or as casual business clothing.


Festival Edit – Men’s Festival Outfit Inspiration

Summer is fast approaching and with that comes the long awaited Festival season. Whether you're heading to a festival in the UK, Europe or venturing further afield, here at Stuarts we have a range of looks that'll have you looking your best and standing out from the crowd this summer. Check out some of our favourite festival pieces below.


Discover The Most Comfortable Men’s Smart Shoes

At some point in every man’s life, they must dress smartly. You’ve accepted your invitation to a formal event; you have a suit hung and waiting for you, but what about the shoes? How do you pick smart shoes for an event or the office? Don’t worry at Stuarts; we’re here to help you with all of your questions about smart shoes, including styling, how to make them more comfortable and even product recommendations. Keep reading to find out the best formal shoes for men, how to dress them and stay the most stylish but comfortable man in any room you walk into.