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Kleman – Brand History

Kleman Shoes have a legacy for over 75 years. They are an authentic french shoemaker since 1945. Their production remains exclusively carried out in France in their workshop in Anjou. René Cléon, a shoemaker and bootmaker by profession, was on the front lines during WWII. He was captured during the Battle of France in 1940 and spent 5 years in a Stalag in Germany, where he continued to model little leather shoes in his leisure time...


The Story Behind Birkenstock – A Brief History

The Birkenstock story is one to truly be admired. Like any other household name brands, it's foundations were built on solving an issue that required a solution. Since their inception, Birkenstock have been committed to crafting orthopedically inspired shoes - footwear that supports your foot and leg, allowing for the optimal walking position.


The Original Penguin Story

Original Penguin was founded in 1955 by Abbot Pederson in Minneapolis. Abbot Pederson got the idea of a penguin as the brand when he had a delayed flight and so he purchased a drinking buddy for his flight home, a stuffed penguin he named Pete.


The Story Behind Diadora – A Brief History

Diadora has been a staple shoe of the casuals scene since the late 70s - although the brand's beginnings were far from that. The label started out handcrafting hiking & work boots for the working class of Northern Italy, before later emerging onto the sportswear scene by utilising the worlds most idolised athletes as the face for the brand.


The Story Behind Sanders & Sanders – A Brief History

Sanders & Sanders Ltd. (originally named Sander Bros.) was established in 1873 by Brothers William and Thomas Sanders of Rushden, Northamptonshire. William Benjamin Sanders started off as an apprentice in the shoe and boot trade and then followed on to working in London as a clicker, then returned to Rushden in 1871 with the idea of starting up his own shoe making business with his brother.


Dr Martens: Made In England

The name Dr Martens means a lot of different things, to a lot of different people. But for many, the name has stood as a symbol of authenticity, individuality and freedom - a message that is today broadcasted up and down city streets all over the world. That's why Dr Martens Made In England collection is, perhaps the brand's best kept secret.


VEJA Trainers – Summer Staple

Despite it's Paris upbringing, French footwear brand Veja owes it's identity far and wide. Founders Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion birthed the brand, inspired by their visit to clothing and food factories in South America, Asia and Australia while running a non-profit group. In their visit, they were deeply concerned with how manufacturing processes were executed and wanted to prove how it should be done...


Far Afield – Behind the label

Far Afield was founded in 2016 in the United Kingdom by two brothers, Mark and Chris Scholes. Far Afield was created when two brothers combined their 12 years of expertise in menswear design, production, sourcing, and retail. They each owned their own men's clothing lines. Mark, for example, founded the menswear labels tutuk and Madras Shirting Company in the last ten years. Chris, on the other hand, founded Thread Menswear in Brighton in 2012. They subsequently founded Far Afield together in 2014....


Pod Originals – Iconic British Footwear

Pod Originals has represented the core of English subculture since their inception. The brand was founded out of the capital, London, and takes it's name from an acronym for 'Product of Desire'. Pod Originals' owners Billy & Tony initially created the brand against the grain. The style of the 70s was very heavy on platform shoes & flares - a trend the the pair wasn't fond of. This resulted in the birth of the first Pod Original - a flatter, more causal shoe that was more versatile & compatible with straight fitting jeans...