How To Turn Hiking Boots Into Everyday Footwear

Hiking boots aren’t just meant for the tops of mountains and muddy walkways – the recent rise of the hiking boot in men’s fashion looks like it’s here to stay. The boxy aesthetic and roomy looks trend prioritises comfort, and there’s no better way to achieve it than upgrading your look with hiking boots. But how do you style hiking boots? Can you wear them in the summer? Keep reading to discover exactly how you can turn your hiking boots into everyday footwear, and watch out for some notable recommendations. 

Can hiking boots be worn casually?

Hiking boots have many properties that make them a great choice for everyday wear. They are comfortable with many options offering excellent ankle support; many styles have waterproof technology to keep your feet dry all year round. Hiking boots are a great option for everyday wear in the colder months as they offer great traction on slippery surfaces, such as snow, and keep your feet insulated. 

That said, you must assess the suitability of wearing your hiking boots casually. Some consideration points include the wear and tear they’re likely to be subjected to with everyday casual everyday wear. Will you want to replace your hiking boots if they are not used exclusively for the peaks or muddy tracks? Another consideration is that hiking boots can be heavy, which is not always practical in the hotter months. 

Is it okay to wear hiking boots on a daily basis?

Hiking boots are okay to wear daily, but to help you decide on whether you should wear them every day, take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of wearing hiking boots daily as outlined below: 

Advantages of wearing hiking boots daily

  • Some hiking boots offer properties that make them super comfortable. 
  • Can be hard wearing. 
  • They provide great traction in slippy weather conditions.
  • Keep your feet warm and insulated. 
  • Good ankle support.
  • Look great with a relaxed outfit. 

Disadvantages of wearing hiking boots daily

  • Can wear with excessive use. 
  • Not always suitable for all situations (including driving). 
  • Can cause your feet to sweat in the hotter months. 

How to wear hiking boots with jeans

The jeans and boots combination is a staple wardrobe choice for men that has been around for years. There are many ways to wear hiking boots with jeans; you can cuff or bunch, complement your colours or contrast. 

If you would like to explore more options, as well as some product recommendations from our styling team – check out the guide on how to wear jeans with boots. This guide includes contemporary and traditional brands that you can introduce into your wardrobe to create the perfect weekend wear. 

How to style hiking boots

There are many ways to style hiking boots depending on your aesthetic, occasion, wardrobe and the season. From Timberland hiking boots, which include timeless designs that can easily be paired with off-duty looks, to Danner hiking boots that offer statement styles, you will be in safe hands.  

Trousers, cargos and denim

When it comes to your lower half, there are a range of options perfect for styling hiking boots. At Stuarts, we like to provide you with a range of recommendations that you can make your own and style in your way and to do this with hiking boots, we have to split the options into: 

Trousers & Cargos: Arguably, one of the most trend-led options within our recommended range sits within our trouser selection. Choose from a wide-fitting range of boxy trousers that will give you a contemporary silhouette in a flurry of colours and materials to suit your style. You will find corduroy options, cargo pants and even fleeced options for the winter. 

Denim: In the range of denim jeans available at Stuarts, you will find a wide selection of brands, fits and shades to suit your walking boots. If you are a keen walker looking for options to wear that will be comfortable and provide technical properties, we recommend looking for an alternative because denim is all about style. Explore skinny-fit options that will provide a seamless transition from your leg to the boot, or why not choose a loose-fitting option for a more contemporary silhouette?

Hoodies, t-shirts and flannels

As we work up the body in terms of styling, you have a selection of options to help you pull off the hiking boots look. From loose-fitting garments to flannel shirts that allow you to channel relaxed off-duty styling, you will surely find a range of garments you can use to layer in the winter or pop on in the summer. 

Hoodies: An everyday staple with a wide variety of choices to add to your wardrobe, our men’s hoodies are perfect for pairing with your hiking boots. A hoodie is a great choice if you want to prioritise comfort but stay fashionable, and we have a range of roomy options crafted with the softest materials. Pair a hoodie with your hiking boots during the winter months, and if you can incorporate tones that complement your boots, you can elevate your outfit to the next level. 

T-Shirts: If you’re looking for a relaxed style for your hiking boots outfit, check out the full range of men’s t-shirts at Stuarts. Full to the brim with styles and brands to suit your taste, you will find graphic t-shirts, a wide range of coloured and patterned t-shirts and even long-sleeved t-shirts

Flannel shirts: If you’re a fan of the understated American workwear aesthetic, pairing a flannel shirt with hiking boots will help you to achieve the look. The beauty of a flannel shirt is that you can incorporate the base colours of your outfit to match your hiking boots to pull the look together. You can also use a flannel shirt as a layering option, and a look that is on-trend right now is wearing a flannel over a hoodie to give a relaxed,off-duty look. 


You can also style your hiking boots with accessories to complete the look. Pair your boots with a hat or a cap, depending on the season and browse through vibrant designs from the likes of Stetson. You can also add a mysterious level of cool to your ensemble by popping on sunglasses in a selection of frame shapes to suit your face shape.  

How to style hiking boots in summer

When deciding how to style your hiking boots in summer, you must consider the weight and potential heat of wearing heavy boots. Hiking boots are not footwear you can wear without socks, but ensuring that you have a breathable and stylish pair to match your boots is essential. In our range of socks, you will find earthy tones that blend and complement the aesthetic and white socks to offer a contrast. 

We also recommend browsing through the shorts available at Stuarts. Here you will find a selection of shorts in colours to match your boots from a wide selection of designers. Opt for a pair of light and airy shorts to ensure you don’t overheat in the hot weather, and if you are looking to stay on trend this summer, why not go for a shorter pair that sit in the middle of your thighs? 

What men’s boots are in style this summer?

If you are looking for summer boots, you are in the right place. Here are some of our recommendations for summer boots, including some of the best designer names around. We will touch on some of the technical details and style properties to help you be the best-dressed man in any beer garden. 

Clarks Originals

Clarks are the perfect summer boot, and their clean aesthetic allows you to match them with a range of looks. The selection of Clark Originals boots features designs crafted with breathable and waterproof materials to protect your feet from the odd shower and the sun’s rays. The quintessentially British brand has been crafting boots since 1825 in Somerset, where its company headquarters remain. A staple of every modern gent’s wardrobe, Clarks Originals should be an option for everyday wear in summer. 

Some of the stand-out styles within the range of Clarks Originals selection include; Weaver GTX, which are perfect for summer days out, Desert Trek GORE-TEX and the classic Desert boot

Red Wing

Offering deep hues and rich materials, Red Wing’s boot collection is a great boot to see you throughout the summer. Historically, Red Wing has been known for their sturdy and durable boots, which often come with a weighty design; however, they have developed their boots to become much more lightweight. This lightweight construction makes them more suitable for transitional periods in and out of summer. 

A product recommendation that you can wear throughout the summer from the American footwear designer is the Red Wing Chukka Boot. The white sole of the shoe gives a clean aesthetic that makes it easy to wear with summer looks. 

R.M. Williams

Handcrafted and chic, the range of R.M. Williams boots available at Stuarts are the perfect summer boot for the gentleman that appreciates the finer aesthetic. The perfect companion for smart casual wear, the range of boots from R.M. Williams features premium leather designs and construction methods that have been mastered over the years. The versatility of these boots means that you can wear them for work and still look stylish for drinks after work. 

Find the perfect pair of hiking boots at Stuarts London

Within the range of hiking boots available at Stuarts, we have a wide array of brands for you to browse featuring designs with technical prowess and style. Whether you are searching for a way to tap into the utilitarian workwear trend or hiking boots that you can wear whilst adventuring, you will surely find the perfect addition to your wardrobe within our collection. You will also find a diverse range of men’s boots showcasing the latest drops from premium designer brands and wardrobe staples. 

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