Everything You Need To Know About Novesta Shoes

Novesta offers classic pump-style shoes that are ideal for the understated look, and at Stuarts, we have a wide selection for you to choose from. They’re stylish, comfortable and designed to last – but we’re sure you have questions about Novesta shoes, and we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn more about these Norwegian shoes, how they fit, how you should clean them and much more. 

Where are Novesta shoes made?

Since the 1930s, Novesta has manufactured shoes in their workshop in Partizánske, which is in the middle of Slovakia. The shoemaker, Jan Antonin Bata, set up a workshop to create his shoes in the small town back in 1939 and ever since, Novesta has continued to be one of the true European shoe-making brands.

When was Novesta established?

Bata established Novesta back in 1939 and have an esteemed heritage spanning over 80 years. Within this time, they have continued to keep up with trends and the market and curated their production process to ensure they deliver the highest quality footwear. Novesta continues to be a leader within the footwear industry and is constantly adapting to match the needs of its customers and the ever changing world we live in. They have moved with the times and developed technology to enhance comfort and maintain sustainability efforts. 

Is Novesta ethical?

Novesta state that they create their products with “longevity in mind”, and ever since 1939, they have chosen their materials and methods to withstand years of service. Novesta shoes are designed to last a lifetime. The technology developed in creating the footwear ensures that they are washable, you can replace the insoles, and the natural rubber outsoles can withstand years of wear. 

Novesta’s pledge to sustainability doesn’t stop with durability; they source all of the materials used from start to finish. All their shoes are crafted along their supply chain with VFCS-certified natural rubber supplies from verified suppliers. Their Star Master and Dribble collections only use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic cotton-certified uppers, ensuring that you can stay stylish and know that your shoes are crafted from the best-sourced materials. 

Many styles within the Novesta family are also vegan, so if you are looking for vegan-friendly footwear, make sure to check the description to see if this applies to your chosen Novesta footwear.

Are Novesta unisex?

The simplistic canvas design of Novesta shoes means they can fit any aesthetic. Novesta has specific male and female shoes (mainly for sizing), but in terms of styling, Novesta shoes can be worn by anyone, no matter how you identify. 

Novesta Fit + Comfort

When choosing new shoes, it is important to ensure they fit correctly and are comfortable. This is why we want to answer all your questions about the size and fit of Novesta shoes, including a handy Novesta size guide to reference when choosing your chosen style. 

Are Novesta shoes comfortable?

Yes, Novesta shoes are known for how comfortable they are. The canvas design of Novesta shoes provides an easy-to-wear fit that you can add to your everyday wardrobe and know that you will be comfortable. The construction of Novesta shoes also provides arch support, and the contours of the sole mould to your feet to ensure comfort for long periods. 

How do Novesta shoes fit?

Novesta shoes are typically true to size, but some styles can run slightly on the larger side. We recommend opting for your usual size with Novesta shoes, but if you are in between sizes, you should choose a size down. 

Novesta size chart

The sizing of Novesta shoes is typical of EU conventions, but we have converted the EU sizing to the standard UK sizes below. 

If you are choosing the Star Master or Star Dribble styles, these typically run a bit larger than other models within the range, so we recommend sizing slightly smaller. 

UK SizeEU/Novesta Size

How to clean Novesta shoes

Making sure that your Novesta shoes are in the best possible condition is important to the aesthetic. The simplistic canvas design of the shoes is ideal for those wanting to adopt the clean, utilitarian look, and nothing quite ruins the polished look than muddy or dirty shoes. 

Step 1 – Remove your laces from your shoes before you start the cleaning process. If these are dirty, you can wash them in soapy water. Alternatively, you can purchase some fresh laces for your shoes online. We also recommend removing the insoles of your shoes before soaking them in water. 

Step 2 – If you have canvas Novesta shoes, you can wash these in a bowl of soapy water. Clean the dirtiest areas with a brush, then rinse and repeat. Make sure you squeeze any excess water from the shoes and then place them to dry. 

If you have a leather or rubber pair of Novesta shoes, spot-clean the dirty areas with a wet sponge and wipe away the mud and dirt. Never wash leather or rubber shoes in the washing machine. 

Cleaning suede shoes is one of the most difficult tasks, as suede is sensitive to moisture, dirt, dust and mud. Suede protection sprays are available for shoes that fall into this material type, and we recommend purchasing one and applying it to ensure protection.

Is Novesta cool?

Over the years, Novesta has gained a reputation for its clean aesthetic, and the brand has also gained popularity amongst some of the coolest names. Some fans of Novesta shoes include rapper Kendrick Lamar, who has been spotted wearing the classic all-white Star Masters, as pictured below. If they’re good for the 14-time GRAMMY award winner, they should be good for you. 

What style of Novesta shoes should I go for? 

There are two main styles when it comes to Novesta shoes; these are Star Master and Star Dribble. Which one should you go for? We’ve broken down the key features of each style below for you to consider. 

Star Master 

The Novesta Star Master shoes have been around since the late 1930s and are a classic style of plimsoll shoe that is understated and matches a range of looks. Their construction includes natural rubber outsoles, a canvas body and lace-up fastening. Ideal for those looking for everyday shoes, the Novesta Star Master collection includes a range of colours to suit your ensemble, including white and black for simple styles and green for those looking to tap into the workwear trend. 

Star Dribble 

Novesta’s Star Dribble appeal lies in its simple aesthetic and ability to match any look. The iconic silhouette of the high-top construction is perfect for those who want a relaxed yet functional look without compromising on comfort. The collection of Star Dribble Novesta shoes available at Stuarts includes a range of colours and vulcanised rubber soles in both gum and white. 

Browse the full range of Novesta shoes available at Stuarts London today

At Stuarts London, we have a wide selection of Novesta shoes available for you to choose from. Our buying team has chosen the curated collection, carefully sourcing styles that are on trend and are wardrobe staples for the modern gentleman. Explore Novesta Star Masters and Star Dribble shoes in various colours and soles to suit your everyday look today.

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