Everything you need to know about the Harrington Jacket

A Harrington jacket is the perfect transitional piece to get you through those brisk mornings and cooler evenings. Celebrated as a staple wardrobe jacket for the modern gentleman for decades, the timeless design of the Harrington jacket is just as stylish now as it was in the ‘60s. At Stuarts London, we have collated all of your frequently asked questions about the Harrington, from technical design features to how to care for your jacket and put them all in one place. 

Who founded the Baracuta Harrington Jacket? 

Baracuta was founded in 1937 by two brothers, John and Issac Miller, from Manchester. 

In the 1930s, the Miller brothers introduced the Baracuta name as an independent brand; they created various unique designs with their alphanumeric codename. 

The business’s success landed them a spot in Manchester’s social elite circles, which had an affinity with golf clubs in the area. This inspired the brothers to develop a jacket that allowed sufficient freedom of movement when putting a golf ball. The waterproof zipper jacket born from this idea became widely known as the “swing jacket’ in Japan.

Where does the G9 Harrington come from?

Before the ‘Harrington’ was born, the Miller brothers still had work to undertake to become the household name we all know. Isaac Miller moved from the UK to America in ‘53 and opened a sales office within the Empire State Building. 

The rise of the Baracuta brand can be attributed to the boys of the Ivy League. They were an unexpected wearer of the jacket, and as they rebelled against the norms of suit and ties, they opted for the G9. 

Just as this culture grew significantly, film posters appeared worldwide, with the G9 first and foremost. Steve McQueen was sporting the red G9 in ‘63 in the Life Magazine, and soon after, Elvis Presley wore a G9 Harrington in the film ‘King Creole’. The film industry played a pivotal role in the success of the G9, and even to this day, you can still spot a Baracuta on the silver screen. 

Mods were another important group attributed to the brand. The mods adopted the Harrington jacket as part of their uniform. With influence from musical trends and the ideals behind the construction of the jackets, Mod Culture was born. Soon the G9 Harrington became a hallmark of the cultural times of the ’70s and ’80s. 

Are Harrington jackets still in fashion?

By the ’90s and ’00s, the jacket was rediscovered by the Britpop revival. Damon Albarn, Franz Ferdinand and Liam Gallagher were key leaders in this revival and brought the Harrington straight back into the spotlight. By 2008, the jacket was even the main garment for Bond himself (Quantum of Solace, played by Daniel Craig).

The Harrington jacket continues to be a staple of every modern gentleman’s wardrobe, and the timeless design will ensure that it won’t go out of style any time soon.  

How do you style a Harrington jacket?

One of the best features of a Harrington is that it doesn’t require dressing up; in fact, the jacket’s infamy was born out of an effortlessly cool attitude that has been historically attached to it since its creation. Wear your Harrington with a pair of rolled-up Selvedge Denim jeans and a buttoned-up shirt or jumper underneath. You don’t have to overthink your styling when wearing a Harrington. 

What is the best colour for a Harrington jacket?

Available in a range of colours, at Stuarts London, we have a diverse range of Harrington jackets for you to choose from, with colourways to suit every style. 

If you’re looking for a Harrington that  nods towards the classic looks of James Dean, then stand out in the Red G9 Original Harrington from Baracuta. For something a little more understated, like Elvis in ‘King Creole’, choose the Baracuta G9 Original in Natural or Tan. Other popular colours of the G9 Harrington jackets include Dark Navy, and for those who really want to stand out, why not choose the Empire Yellow

What is the difference between a G9 and a G4?

The G9 and G4 share the classic Baracuta style with only minimal adjustments. The G4 jacket is a looser fit; compared to the G9, it does not have a ribbed hem or cuff, giving it a looser silhouette for the wearer. The overall unique characteristics of the G9 are still prevalent throughout the G4 silhouette. 

Is a Harrington jacket a bomber?

The Harrington jacket is not considered a bomber jacket as there are a few subtle differences between the construction of the two. These include the stand-up collar, knitted cuffs and slanted pockets. A bomber jacket doesn’t have these functionalities and doesn’t have the iconic tartan lining that a Harrington jacket has. 

What’s the difference between a Harrington and a bomber jacket?

There are some subtle differences between a Harrington jacket and a bomber jacket, as outlined below: 

Harrington Jacket Bomber Jacket
Crafted from cotton or synthetic materialUsually crafted from nylon
Stand up collarFlat round collar
Knitted cuffsRegular pockets
Fraser tartan lining 
Slanted flap pockets  

Why is the Baracuta jacket good for golf?

A lot of thought and consideration went into designing the G9 jacket to ensure a jacket was created that would improve a golfer’s game, experience and movement. The innovative fastening approach was created to help shield the golfer from the weather, and the high collar and strong inner lining were added for comfort. 

The cape structure on the back, commonly known as the ‘Wing Back Umbrella’ or ‘Back Yoke’, offers the wearer an added flare of movement and structure. Inspired by the common umbrella, The back yoke is designed to protect from the rain without compromising the overall look. 

The two front pockets were also deliberately designed to be oversized to fit golf balls perfectly and, of course, at a slant to ensure they do not fall out. Rubber strips were added to the sleeve’s cuffs to help the golfer avoid impact and restriction on their swing. 

How do you wash a Harrington jacket?

Making sure that your Harrington jacket stays fresh is important to the aesthetics of the look. James Dean may have had the bad boy image, but you wouldn’t catch him with mud on his Baracuta. 

To clean your Baracuta jacket, we recommend spot cleaning any marks with a wet cloth before you do a deep clean – this will ensure that the rigid structure will remain intact. 

If you decide to put your Harrington jacket in the washing machine, we recommend you check the care label. Machine wash separately on a delicate cycle with a maximum temperature of 30°. Do not dry clean or tumble dry your Harrington jacket. 

How tight should a Harrington jacket be? 

The relaxed styling of a Harrington jacket means that the fit should be slightly loose but not baggy. You should be able to move your arms freely and not feel restricted. The elastic hem at the bottom of the jacket should cover your waistband, but don’t worry if it feels short as the jacket’s design is meant to be short in the body. A Harrington jacket shouldn’t be tight in the chest, but it shouldn’t be loose. 

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Harrington Jackets at Stuarts London

If you’re looking for a Harrington jacket that will be a wardrobe staple for years to come, browse through the full range available at Stuarts London today. The selection includes brands that have mastered the art of creating functional and fashionable clothing that stands the test of time, such as Baracuta. Available in a wide selection of colours, you will be spoilt for choice when finding the transitional season piece for your wardrobe. 

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