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About Laboratory Perfumes

Laboratory Perfumes is a sustainable cosmetics brand that caters to both men and women. Our small, female-led company collaborates with local suppliers to make attractive, perfumed items that have a low environmental effect. We prioritise simple, recyclable packaging, with much of it meant to be recycled and have a more permanent role in your life.

Our smells and candles are meticulously produced in a laboratory to react to the wearer and change during the day, and are inspired by the natural flowers, herbs, and fragrant botanicals of Britain, as well as excursions to the south of France and the mountains of Morocco. It’s a novel approach to producing perfume in the traditional manner.

Laboratory Perfumes smells are not limited by age, origin, or gender. They allow you to keep your path to yourself.

When was Laboratory Perfumes founded?

Laboratory Perfumes, a British smell expert, was launched in 2011. The allure of smell was not just its duration, but also its ability to be both personal and unseen.
Laboratory Perfumes is managed by a small but committed staff in London.
We are all proud that everything we manufacture is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Back in 2011, the company had to admit that it was necessity rather than foresight that dictated they sourced all of their ingredients and packaging components within a 130-mile radius of their home (they couldn’t afford to go anywhere else), but they still make sure they do away with anything unnecessary, keep their supply chain small, and produce everything in accordance with the same Hippocratic principle that underpins modern medicine: ‘First, do no harm.’
Laboratory Perfumes makes an effort to look after the world.

After all, it’s where both the inspiration and the ingredients for our fragrances come from. We know that by creating and selling scents and candles we’re not going to save the planet, but we work hard to ensure that we do the least damage possible.

Honor (on the right) and Imogen (left). So far, the highlight of the year has been the debut of skincare, a project they began two years ago with the goal of bringing extraordinarily attractive beauty items into your house. Honor is a big fan of a good body lotion, while Imogen is always on the hunt for a good bar of soap.

Is Laboratory Perfumes a Sustainable Brand?

Since 2012, the company has worked hard to reduce the environmental effect of its goods through local sourcing, recyclable packaging, and natural ingredients; this year, they chose to go even farther. They are thrilled to announce that they are now a carbon-neutral enterprise.
In 2021, they calculated their carbon emissions, lowered them where possible, and offset any unavoidable emissions. Then they went back over the preceding years and neutralised all carbon emissions created since they began.

Recognising the carbon footprint of their operations, they are now investing in Talla & Gameshope, a UK woodland creation project that will capture CO2 and benefit the environment through a variety of means, including climate mitigation, flood mitigation, water quality improvements, habitat creation, and cleaner air. Alder, juniper, rowan, and willow trees will help create a natural, diversified habitat for animals.
Every year, they will calculate their carbon impact and offset accordingly.
The natural environment has been a significant inspiration for each of their smells, and they will do everything they can to safeguard and preserve it.

Is Laboratory Perfumes a Eco-Friendly brand?

All of their perfumes and candles are manufactured in the UK with ingredients that are socially aware, ecologically friendly, and cruelty-free. Laboratory Perfumes do not use animals in their testing, and their smells are manufactured in-house utilising predominantly essential and aromatic oils. They are all gentle on the skin and devoid of parabens.

Their soaps are handcrafted in Portugal. They deliberated this decision carefully because it is out of the ordinary for them. Finally, they prioritised producing in small quantities to prevent the waste associated with bulk production.

The International Fragrance Association Standards are entirely met by their goods. Laboratory Perfumes’ goods are vegetarian and cruelty-free; with the exception of Atlas, their scented candles are created with paraffin wax (their lab tests showed that this particular fragrance has to be infused into beeswax in order to preserve the integrity of the scent).
They expect the same ethical and environmental standards from everyone with whom they collaborate; their supply chain is small, transparent, and completely compliant with ISO 9000: 2008. All glass, cardboard, and paper used in Laboratory Perfumes packaging is obtained responsibly and widely recycled.

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