Spring Court – The G2 Shoe

Spring Court has been around for 86 years. They are a tennis shoemaker brand invented in 1936 by Georges Grimmeisen that is instantly recognisable for its four distinctive ventilation holes in the midsole.

Georges Grimmeisen was a huge tennis lover who had worked in the rubber company and wanted to create a breathable, made of cotton canvas with a vulcanised rubber sole. The tennis shoe designed to play on courts was soon to be worn by professional and amateur players.

In 1960, sports shoes were being seen worn outside of sports, and Spring Court shoes were seen everywhere. They were worn by rock stars, artists and the general population as a whole! And ever since then Spring Court has sold over 25 million pairs of tennis shoes. While fashion and trends have changed the original Spring Court tennis shoe style is endless.

Located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, the brand’s factory, built in 1870 by Georges grandfather Théodore Grimmeisen has remained as the company’s headquarters and is now a cultural epicentre for photography, videography, music and architecture.

The iconic, first-ever Spring Court shoe is the G2, first launched in Paris in 1936. Featuring a low-top design with a distinctive 4-hole ventilated rubber sole, the G2 is crafted from 100% cotton and has become the brand’s signature shoe. Seen all over the world for the past 86 years the G2 has also been famously worn by a range of celebrities including John Lennon, Kate Moss, Jude Law, Jane Birkin and Megan Markle.

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