The Original Penguin Story

Original Penguin is an American Clothing line founded in Minneapolis, with a wide variety of items from shirts and shorts to hats and shoes. They also have designed their own golf and tennis collection full of clothes and accessories to keep you comfortable throughout any game.

Original Penguin was founded in 1955 by Abbot Pederson in Minneapolis. Abbot Pederson got the idea of a penguin as the brand when he had a delayed flight and so he purchased a drinking buddy for his flight home, a stuffed penguin he named Pete.

During the flight, Abbot accidentally knocked the head off Pete the penguin, and the Stewardess on the flight had wrapped a necktie around the penguins head and insisted that  ‘He would look good on a shirt’ which led to Pederson to embroider Pete the Penguin onto shirts. From this moment, an icon was born.

Since 1955, Pete the Penguin has left his mark everywhere you go on shirts, bottoms, hoodies accessories, shoes and so much more. Original Penguin has been adored by people of culture and sport, especially golf and bowling. Over the years, Original Penguin have earned over $50 million in revenue and are growing every year. 

Check out our favourite picks below

This Pete Ringer T-shirt from Original Penguin is stylish and modern, with a design that emphasises contemporary refinement. It is made of organic pure cotton and has a traditional round neck with a branded embroidered emblem on the chest for a comfortable fit.

Stylish and modern, this Earl slim-fit polo shirt by Original Penguin brings contemporary sophistication to the fore with its design. Featuring a classic collar with triple button placket and a branded chest pocket, it is crafted from organic pure cotton for a comfortable wear.

The CoolMax Polo Shirt uses COOLMAX® technology is a family of Polyester fibres that are designed to help you beat the heat. This cooling technology creates clothing with permanent moisture wicking-performance. Made from recycled resources so you can feel good about your purchase.

Original Penguin’s Poplin stretch shirt is elegant and sophisticated, with a design that emphasises modern elegance. It’s constructed of organic cotton, viscose, and elastane. For a stylish look, it includes a typical embroidered emblem on the pocket chest.

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