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The label with a worldwide reputation for being the first known sneaker brand and the inventor of the Basketball Sneaker, US Rubber Co. is a brand that has had it’s place firmly cemented within US history since it was founded in 1892. Since their inception the brand have produced sneakers for up to 30 different brands up until 1917. Featuring a collection of high and low top footwear silhouettes of footwear this season, expect to find a collection that pays homage to the original series from the Victorian era.

The footwear brand was founded in Colchester, Connecticut in the buildings that previously belonged to the Hayward & Colchester Rubber Company – the co-inventors of vulcanised rubber. Within three years the brand quickly rose to fame with Colchester Rubber Company beloved to being the brand of choice for Dr. James Naismith, who invented Basketball 50 miles away from Colchester Rubber Co’s factory. With the shoes worn a prototype designed specifically for Naismith to be used in his new game the label has forever since been renowned for being the world’s first sneaker brand and inventing the “World’s First Basketball Sneakers.

Originally a sneaker producer that shuttered in 1892, new life was given to the long dead company and brings to where they stand today. Providing high quality, carefully curated vintage footwear that leaves no stone unturned in terms of detailing, these ‘vintage’ sneakers all come packed and wrapped in Victorian era newspaper and vintage packaging.

In the same year the company was brought by the United States Rubber Company with the aim of forming a monopoly to control the US rubber industry, however, the decision was made in 1893 during the great depression to discontinue the brand. Acting as the predecessor to Keds and Pro-Keds the label has now been relaunched with a mission to bring back these iconic sneakers, and to share the story behind the label, whilst providing customers a premium quality at the same time.

At the forefront of casual footwear this season, heritage label US Rubber Co. has brought much excitement due to it’s status and reputation for being the worlds first sneaker brand and for inventing the worlds first sneakers. With shoes scheduled to arrive over the coarse of the coming months expect to find an array of the brand’s high and low top silhouettes available in a wide range of colours that pay homage to the original shoe created in 1892. Easily worn as part of your office or casual outfit try dressing up with a pair of slim fit chinos and a gingham shirt to top off a look that will make a subtle statement.

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