Heimat Textil, Crafted To Last A Lifetime

What Does Heimat Textil Mean?

Heimat Textil is a German word which has no English translation; it often describes the social belonging to an area that makes you feel at home. A scent, a moment of calm or your favourite piece of clothing.

Keep it simple

Quality that lasts a lifetime

Why Is The Brand So Iconic?

The brand has since become iconic for their colourful knitwear hats suitable for the everyday as well as the great outdoors. Staying true to their adventurous ethos and Fisherman’s style, all their products are hand crafted to pure excellence and will stand the test of time. 

Brand History By Heimat Textil

“1928 before smoking was illegal and men made sure to look dapper even when they were mountaineering. My grandfather taking a picture with his friends celebrating their most recent climb with a bottle of champagne. Sporting wool hats then and today the most useful accessory for style and function.” – Heimat Textil 

Made for the outdoors and indoors. Keep your head safe and your body warm

How Is The Brand Crafted?

The brand not only values the quality within each knit, but also the mechanics behind each style. The mechanics of each style not only give a fit of perfection, but they also are designed to last with their made in Germany virgin wool. Their classic designs arrive in rich colours of gold, navy, greys & more – giving it a luxurious and contemporary look. The designs also pay homage to seaman around the world and encompass the history of Fisherman. 

Overall the brand concept is a reaction to the onset of modernity, loss of individuality and intimate community pulling together to then create these hand sewn designs from Germany. Craftsmanship with pure heritage is driving the vision of this brand.  


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