Barbour hit new heights with collaboration | White Mountaineering


THERE ARE obvious things that suck in life, holidays being cancelled because your dog has attacked your annoying neighbour and now you face a long protracted court battle instead of sunning it up in Maui, scratching your works cars alloy wheels on day one or dropping your new mobile down the bog after a heavy night out, these things suck, or are at least minor irritations, especially as you always hated your neighbour.

But surely the biggest thing to suck is when you find yourself stuck up a mountain, especially if you are under prepared kit wise.


The collaboration of Barbour x White Mountaineering will ensure that is not a problem, the limited edition run holds true to the heritage quality you would associate with the famous South Shields manufacturer while the Japanese brand, and provides style, comfort and protection wherever you are.

The collaboration introduces some lovely variants on a classic theme, including a homage to Katsuchika Hokusai’s iconic The Great Wave pictures.


The print designs are featured in the Wave line of the range shorts, shirt, T-shirts, jacket, back pack, parka and lapel jacket, are double edged, with the beauty of the print also acting as an unlikely, but successful camouflage either coming in its blue or stone (light green) finishes.

Topping out the new range is the waxed Mountain Parka in Bark (brown), also comes in indigo (blue) the image of the coat, worn in the main marketing and publicity images, shows the collabs high street, high end aims. All part of the Mountain line of the range.

There is also a solid indigo (blue) wax lapel jacket.

Contrasting the old solidity of Barbour, this collaboration has the ability to fit in perfectly with countless looks and the clamour for the range shows is already proudly making part of the year’s winter wardrobes already, just wait for summer.


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