Arrow Shirts: The Iconic Man’s Dress Shirt

Arrow Shirts….

At Stuarts London the buying team have been looking for a good shirt company that reflects quality for the price charged. Value for money. Most of the companies we viewed were good but mostly overpriced.

 An Arrow shirt boasts a history that started back in 1851. Since the shirts have been famously worn by the likes of J F Kennedy a former US president. James Dean, Marlon Brando, Sean Connery, to be honest such are the simplistic style and quality of the shirts t

They are fit for anyone who wants the very best out of a new shirt that lasts. Part of the Arrow collar popularity was the creation of the Arrow Collar Man by artist J.C. Leyendecker. This good-looking man, always dressed in the latest Arrow items, became one of the most recognizable brand icons. President Theodore Roosevelt was among his many fans, and at the height of his popularity, the fictional Arrow Collar Man was getting up to 17,000 fan letters a day — mostly from young women.

Arrow shirts will be launching at Stuarts London with three collections. The first is the basic double cuff shirts, available in a spread collar or Button down collar with a single cuff. Basic colours in black white and Oxford blue will be stocked.

The second collection is the Vintage archive styles. Whilst the designers were looking through old photographs for inspiration they stumbled upon a collection Swatch books, originally used in the 70s and 80s. Taking these fabrics to the mills they have managed to reproduce a collection of one-to-one archive styles using the very same colour schemes and enriched quality that was available back then. It’s a very casual collection which complements smart denim and casual blazers. Finally the highest tier that Arrow offer is the Modern collection which only uses the very finest fabrics made in USA. An up to date collection with hand finished detail and the inner label made of suede leather. The slim tapered fit and crisp fabrics are truly some of the best production we have ever seen.

We are very confident that you will love the collection of Arrow Shirts we have on offer, and will be back for more each season. The name Arrow has come to represent the iconic man’s dress shirt, as well as the brand that now encompasses a stylish line of clothing and accessories for men, women and children. Popular across the world, Arrow has been around for more than 150 years, beginning with an idea credited to one woman in upstate New York.

Stuarts London is an Authorised Official Stockist of Arrow Shirts.

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