Time on the One Hand, and Precision on the Other: Tsovet Watches

Tsovet Watches

Tsovet is a California bred watch brand for the young and stylish. Founded in 2008 by David Bonaventura. Inspired by vintage aviation gauges from the 1940s and ’50s, these uber-size fashion watches have some of the most distinguished looks of any watch in this particular price range.

Drawing cues from vintage industrial gauges and avionics, the watches have a decidedly utilitarian look. In contrast, the watches are paired with thick leather straps and large faces which makes them dressy and relevant in today’s “big is better” world. By combining Swiss quartz movements, Italian leather, and special touches like PVD coating (on certain models), TSOVET watches are raising the bar and they are giving consumers a much needed alternative to the mall-brand timepieces.

The  Tsovet SVT-FW44 Matte Steel Watch  

They come in a variety of colours ranging from a stealth-black face on a black PVD case to bright, white markers on a rose-gold case.  allow people to engage with the brand as have a story to tell and combine this with elite and exceptionally high quality craftsmanship. With their bold and prominent aesthetics, Tsovet watches are inspired by objects that make a long lasting impression whether this be age old objects or brand new and Tsovet almost wants to convey a sense of respect and admiration materials and technologies that have aged over time.

Tsovet SVT-AT76 Brushed Black Watch  

What makes a Tsovet watch striking is the innovative use of vintage components including industrial gauges, as well as finely crafted dial crowns, subtle indicator arms, and the incredibly precise alphabetical and numerical representations. High quality and exact timekeeping are also the functional features that Tsovet watches boast and with the combination of this, durability and exquisite styling, these really are uniquely special watches that are both timelessly fashionable and functional. In terms of the style factor, a Tsovet watch is very much reflective of the natural elements that inspire its design.

Tsovet SVT-AT76 Brown Watch  

With the combination of traditional materials and modern technologies with a slight exaggeration of the watch components, this definitely creates a distinct style with a meaningful and historic attachment to the watches. The watches have an on trend and highly stylish look featuring large cases, sleek round dials, prominent numbered time markers and chic leather straps, all of which are key trends. Tsovet watches initially have quite a simple look but it is clear that attention to detail and fine craftsmanship has been invested into each and every watch.

Tsovet SVT-LX73 Champagne Watch

What separates Tsovet watches from other designer brands is that they have an essence of telling a story and with the use of antique or old materials and technologies and enhancing the effectiveness of these with contemporary objects and manufacturing methods, you can be assured that you are wearing something incredibly unique and special. With highly fashionable and bold aesthetics, Tsovet watches have also been noted as super stylish watches, with the brand capturing a number of key trends and injecting its own dynamic edge.


“We are inspired by objects that last and by those making a lasting impression. The durability and precision, as well as styling and functionality, of vintage industrial gauges and avionic instrumentation have always captured our attention. from these gauges and instruments—the finely knurled dial knobs, the subtlety distinct indicator arms, the incrementally exact alphabetical and numerical representations, the balanced fasteners and jewelled levers—tsovet draws inspiration. Figuratively speaking, we are students of these industrial and aerospace design engineers. And we take from them, integrating at every level, lessons about styling, functionality, practicality, and lasting durability.”

tsovet watches

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