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Serge DeNimes | Timeless Designs.

Serge DeNimes focuses on design and quality. Arriving this season to Stuarts London, they provide premium jewellery with a very reasonable price point. Each piece is made from 925 sterling silver giving it a strong DNA to make it last. Each and every piece is also designed right here in London and hallmarked at the Goldsmiths’ Assay Office.

Rains Profile Image 12/08/2020

Best Lightweight Rain Jackets 2020

Forget your old dusty mac that’s too heavy for our needs. We need something lightweight, breathable, and modern looking to keep you cool and dry at the same time. Luckily, here at Stuarts London we know a thing of two about what to look for in a good Spring/Summer rain jacket so let's take a look at some of our favorites right now.


Sprayground, back to School in style

In the most recent release of limited edition Sprayground bags, we see some recognisable characters from the one and only The Joker to a classic nostalgic cartoon Rugrats. However, these designs aren’t just bringing us all that throw back or favourite character, they also combine the brands undertones of practicality, style, quality and of course, individuality. Each one of the new arrivals is also there to tell a story. The story that is communicated through designs can be found through thought provoking concepts, hidden details, pop culture and even colour.


Top Accessories For Summer Style

With a last-minute, heatwave before the summer is up, it seems that, in terms of dressing, nothing except a t-shirt and shorts will do. But wearing a t-shirt and shorts every day, although necessary, can get kind of repetitive and boring as you gaze longingly as the outerwear section of your wardrobe and think of all the good times, when you could wear more than one layer. But not to worry, because this is where accessories come in. With the right accessories, you can really give new life to a... Read More


Naked and Famous: The Latest Arrivals

ABOUT  Naked and Famous is prided on spending their time solely dedicated to crafting and sourcing the finest fabric and turning this into the best denim of the highest quality and style. The brand travels to Japan throughout the year to continue to always find the finest fabrics, to working closely with denim mills to ensure they are always innovating their denim to glow in the dark, to cashmere blends and more. This week we have seen some iconic and new styles arrive online. In this blog, we will select... Read More


adidas Boston Super – University Red

adidas Originals have had a long association with the Boston Marathon and it is exciting to see this latest release of the Boston Super in University red. Making the first debut in 1984 on that venerated route from Hopkinton to Back Bay - they are back in the original silhouette. With a subtle makeover to this iconic shoe, it is finished with soft vintage suede and nylon mesh. Adding extra premium feels to the sneaker, three metallic leather stripes add a bold feature.


Homecore, “Peace, love, unity and having fun”

Born in 1992 and inspired by hip-hop, home core originally produced streetwear from their home city Paris. Created and inspired by this hip hop scene the concept of the brand was simple: ‘"Peace, love, unity and having fun." By 96’, the brand began to evolve into a more timeless aesthetic with quality at the heart of all designs, production and overall brand vision. Each year, right up to 2020 the brand has evolved each season to not only bring timeless garments, but also it has created a lifestyle with the brand that is captivating with wellbeing at the heart of it.

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adidas Originals: The Tischtennis

When you think of adidas and its place in sport, it probably conjures up images of football shirts covered with sponsorship's and branding or the flash of the three stripes on the athletics track. What you probably don't think of is table-tennis. And yet, in the opinion of many, the brand produced one of the best looking shoes they ever made for the sport. The shoe produced a cult following that lives on to this day.