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RRL Ralph Lauren: Classic Americana Meets Contemporary Styling

When you think of Ralph Lauren, images of sharply tailored cuts, preppy polos and dashing tweed looks spring to mind. The American brand is synonymous with weekends in the country and Ivy League styling. The influences and inspirations of the brand have become ingrained into popular culture and have carried the brand from strength to strength over a rich heritage starting in 1967.  

The preppy and aspirational aesthetic of the Ralph Lauren brand completes only half of the puzzle, that is, the chief designer Ralph Lauren (born Ralph Lifshitz) from the Bronx, New York. Whilst one side of his styling is pristine, chic and preppy – the other is a denim-infused cowboy rearing on a wild horse. 

What is RRL Ralph Lauren?

To stay true to his heritage workwear styling and to showcase both sides of genius, the RRL Ralph Lauren brand was born. The conception of the RRL brand sparked when Ralph Lauren purchased a 15,000-acre ranch in Colorado in the late ‘80s. 

The American designer bought the ranch as a means of escape and relaxation from the success of the Ralph Lauren empire. Like all true visionaries, Lauren couldn’t switch off, and the ranch brought inspiration in the form of denim and Americana sketches. From here, Lauren turned to the workwear of American gold rush miners and ranch hands to further flesh out his vision. 

The launch of the brand's debut collection in 1993, titled ‘Santa Fe’, was inspired by the Western films their founder has admitted to obsessively watching during his younger years. This collection embodied the Western aesthetic with force and included shirts, bandanas, Native American blankets, and even denim silver-buckled belts. 

RRL Ralph Lauren has stuck to their core inspirations throughout their rich heritage to bring collection after collection to an engaged following of fashion lovers. Evolving ever so slightly, today’s  RRL Ralph Lauren collections still feature bold workwear-inspired garments, Aztec prints and denim – lots of denim. 

One core component that has remained solid throughout the brand’s history is its dedication towards creating high-quality garments designed to last. The exceptional quality of RRL Ralph Lauren products starts with the material selection and continues through to the construction methods. 

Many garments crafted within the range include complex multi-level construction techniques using a blend of specialised machinery and hand-finishing practices.  

At Stuarts London, we are proud to be one of four special stockists in the UK to host the brand, and we have a range of RRL Ralph Lauren products waiting to take prime position in your wardrobe. We have collated some of the most commonly asked questions and answers about the infamous brand to help you get to grips with Double RL clothing. 

What does RRL Ralph Lauren stand for?

The RRL Ralph Lauren brand name stands for Mr Ralph and Ms Ricky Lauren, which is the name of the ranch in Colorado that Ralph Lauren purchased in the late ‘80s. Dominated by the San Juan mountain range, the ranch, which is as big as the island of Manhattan, is a working cattle ranch with five guesthouses. The brand is commonly referred to as “Double RL”.

What is the difference between RRL and Ralph Lauren?

RRL is a stand-alone brand that sits under the Polo Ralph Lauren umbrella. The differences between the Polo Ralph Lauren brand and RRL sit predominantly within their styling. Polo Ralph Lauren is known for its preppy, soft sportswear, whereas RRL offers a workwear Americana aesthetic.

Why is RRL so expensive?

RRL creates garments, accessories and even homeware for mid to high-end luxury spaces. Combining high-quality materials with premium construction methods ensures that the products within the RRL catalogue are higher-end, durable and designed to last. This comes with a higher price point but can be an investment in your wardrobe that will pay off with longevity and endured style.

When was RRL founded?

Despite being inspired by his ranch in Colorado in the late 1980s, the RRL brand was founded in 1993. We guess pulling off a revolutionary vision to its full potential takes time.

RRL by Ralph Lauren Collections

At Stuarts London, we have a curated selection of RRL Ralph Lauren, and as one of a limited number of UK stockists of the American brand, we want to talk through each collection in a little more detail.

RRL by Ralph Lauren Accessories

Boasting relaxed styled pieces ideal for weekend wear, the RRL by Ralph Lauren accessories selection includes tote bags for all your essentials and baseball caps for that All-American look you’ve wanted to try out.

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RRL by Ralph Lauren Homeware

Looking to give your home a signature scent? Our RRL by Ralph Lauren selection of home and lifestyle products features the iconic Double R custom sandalwood scent that is bound to receive compliments from guests.

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RRL by Ralph Lauren Coats & Jackets

Staple pieces that will be in your wardrobe for a generation. The range of RRL by Ralph Lauren coats and jackets showcases the workwear aesthetic that inspired the brand's conception. Boasting understated, unconstructed and patchwork designs, you will surely find a coat or jacket that elevates your ensembles.

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RRL by Ralph Lauren Denim Jeans

Truly American. True quality. The selection of Denim Jeans from RRL by Ralph Lauren features designs woven on vintage Draper shuttle looms to achieve authentic 1940s quality products. The construction process of denim jeans by RRL by Ralph Lauren includes over 50 steps using specialised techniques and tools.

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RRL by Ralph Lauren Knitwear

Bold, brilliant and blended. The range of knitwear from RRL by Ralph Lauren includes loud wardrobe pieces crafted from premium cotton for a soft and comfortable wearing experience.

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RRL by Ralph Lauren Shirts

Undeniably Americana, the range of shirts from RRL by Ralph Lauren includes workwear-inspired pieces reminiscent of a golden period. Relaxed and off-duty styling is embodied in a curated collection of shirts just for you.

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RRL by Ralph Lauren Sweatshirts

Ideal for comfortable weekend wear, the simplicity of the designs within the sweatshirt collection from RRL by Ralph Lauren will shine as a wardrobe staple for years to come.

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RRL by Ralph Lauren T-Shirts

Wearing an RRL by Ralph Lauren t-shirt will give you a cool, nonchalant look you can’t achieve with any other brand. The cuts of the t-shirts within the range naturally create a masculine silhouette that can be worn all year round.

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Shop the full RRL by Ralph Lauren collection at Stuarts London

Now you know about the heritage, construction and style ethos of the RRL by Ralph Lauren brand – why not add some garments to your basket? At Stuarts London, we are proud to be granted the status of one of the limited independent stores in the UK to sell Double RL. Browse through the bold Americana range and give your wardrobe access to an exclusive range of garments.