YETI – The Iconic Cooler Box

Yeti is an American brand based in Austin, Texas specialising in outdoor products such as Ice chests, cooler boxes, vacuum insulated, stainless steel drinkware, and other outdoor-related items.

Founded in 2006 by Roy and Ryan Sieders, these brothers grew up in Driftwood, Texas and enjoyed the majority of their childhood outdoors. In 1996 Ryan graduated from Texas A&M University and Roy graduated from Texas Tech University in 2000.

In 2006, Ryan started Waterloo Rods and sold the company nine years later in 2015 and Roy began his career making custom boats that were designed for fishing in shallow depth areas on the Texas Gulf Coast. The outdoorsmen became frustrated with the lack of quality coolers available on the market and so they invented YETI.

In 2012, two-thirds of the company was purchased by the Cortec Group for $67 million and it stayed privately owned until October 2018, earning nearly $800 million in 2018. YETI sells its products to various retailers including Academy Sport and Outdoors, Bass Pro Shops, Amazon Marketplace, West Marine Cabela’s, REI, and Dicks Sporting Goods. Over time YETI was making amazing progress in sales, in 2015 its sales increased from $147.7 million to $468.9 million in 2016. As of 2021, YETI has $1.41 billion in revenue.

In September 2019, Yeti opened its first flagship store in Wicker Park, Chicago. Today, they have opened multiple stores around the US including in Dallas, Denver, and multiple across Florida.

The YETI coolers are made in a variety of locations in the US but there is also a facility located in the Philipines. Although many facilities are located in the US, these are mainly retailers rather than manufacturers and so most of the manufacturing happens in the Philippines. They also state on the YETI website that their Hopper coolers and Rambler drinkware are both made in China, so most of the YETI manufacturing is done overseas.

The iconic YETI coolers were built for the serious outdoor enthusiast, one that would handle a knock-around out in a field and in water, one that won’t break. 

The YETI Tundra® 45 is a combination of versatility and durability. This cooler is infused with the legendary Yeti toughness – durable rotomolded construction. Roto molding is similar to injection molding. YETI use roto molding instead of injection molding because roto molding is seamless and allows much greater durability and strength, especially on edges ad corners where seams would be, due to there being no seams on the YETI coolers there are no weak points. They also feature two inches of PermaFrost™ Insulation. These YETI coolers are built to last and will keep your contents ice cold no matter the weather. 

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