Diadora Borg Elite “White & Gold” 80s Casual Staple

The Diadora Borg Elite OG, a trainer that defined a generation, returns to Stuarts London in all of its original glory with some stylish tweaks. This special edition pays homage to the very original Borg Elite, which was legendary in the 1980s casuals scene. The Borg Elite OG, first introduced in 1981 for tennis great Bjorn Borg, will be instantly recognisable to any fan or collector.

This OG model boasts new materials of the finest quality Leather construction with white and gold embellishments, as well as the “Made in Italy” trademark. Original lace eyelets are another distinguishing feature of the shoe. Gum sole with throwback Diadora logo on an off-white midsole. The shoe has an authentic vintage style lining with a retro print, similar to a pair from the 1980s, although they are brand new!

Because of Borg’s success on the court, the shoe went on public sale in 1981. Borg himself appeared in the commercial, with the iconic phrase, “If I were in your shoes, I’d buy my shoes.” The B. Elite Borg comes in a drawstring bag with Borg’s photo on the side and a numbered certificate proving the sneaker’s uniqueness.

The shoes are made in Italy at the Caerano Di San Marco plant, which was founded in 1948. The facility is located in the heart of Montebelluano’s shoe-making sector, which is well-known across the globe for its skill in the creation of sports shoes. Not only an emblem of the tennis court, but also of the 1980s Casuals counterculture, which this shoe characterised in many ways. Diadora trainers were hailed as the ultimate status symbol among casual masses, with the B Elite OG Italia Sport type being the most recognisable. We are fortunate to have access to this legendary shoe here at Stuarts London. Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of sporting history.

Diadora created the legendary B.Elites in 1981 to commemorate Bjron Borg’s five Wimbledon victories. The uppers were white leather with a gold fregio emblem – a motif that was popular on their football boots. The white and gold contrast design was acclaimed worldwide and has since become a standard in all Diadora collections, becoming the most popular Diadora model ever manufactured.

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