Want Les Essentiels de la vie

Want Les Essentiels de la vie
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Want Les Essentiels de la vie. The label’s perfectly crafted accessories are designed to transform each journey—whether crossing continents or dashing to your daily commute—into a smooth and stylish procession. 

The collection is deeply inspired by architecture and design. Classic and visionary work such as the Series 7 chair, by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen, inform the benchmark of quality the brand holds itself to. “I ask myself all the time about products like this,” says co-founder Dexter Peart. “Our parents thought it was perfection, and now I think it is perfection, and my kids are going to think it is perfection. Why is that?” The answer, he believes, is that the object holds its beauty and strength over time while maintaining its relevance. “That's a much harder challenge than trying to make something that's only fashionable.”


Want Les Essentiels de la vie is now online at STUARTS LODON