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It all began with a cotton spinner's son, Fred Perry. Little did the family know, Fred would go on to become the world table tennis champion at just nineteen years old and then would later switch to take on the world of field tennis. After the big switch, he also developed that famous killer forehand which would win him Wimbledon three times… Even though red’s contribution to UK tennis was undeniable, he was never fully accepted within the Tennis world.. This was due to his unprivileged and working class background. However, soon his contribution and wins could simply not be denied. By 84’, a statue of Fred Perry was unveiled in the heart of Wimbledon - this statue was there to highlight his trailblazing nature whilst paying respect to a champion. 

THE M3 Vs M12


Unlike his players, Fred was also becoming a trailblazer for something else, the way he dressed. He soon became the best dressed player to grace the whole of Wimbledon. Fred Perry then went on to design the iconic M3 polo - the first of its kind. Fred designed and wore it himself both on the court and off the court. It is said that he was inspired to create his own line as he felt the current wear lacked wear ability and functionality. By 1952, he was wearing it for each match and described it as the Fred Perry fit. This fit was simple, streamlined, lightweight and fashionable. The polo was also made proudly in Leicester, England making it resonate even more. The success of the M3 went on to inspire other fits which are still iconic to this day, such as the M12.



The classic polo shirt has come a long way since it was first designed in 1896. Originally designed by polo players themselves to help them keep their collars down, it later evolved into becoming a key fashion item for the everyday man. The nature of a polo allows for almost any occasion with its effortless ability to be stylish, casual or even smart.  The story is that Lillywhites requested a unique design mirroring football colours. These designs still remain today [White/Ice/Maroon and White/Navy]. Soon the once inspirational brand for tennis players became fashion for the everyday. It’s highly recognisable Laurel Wreath would soon become a culture and something in which people would instantly recognise in football stadiums. on the street, or even on nights out. It created a sense of belonging with the brand stating it has always been ‘Adopted, Never Forced.’ The ideals that the brand later adopted helped it become prominent within Fringe subculture as it didn’t seem to follow the rules and wasn’t conforming like other brands within the industry. Celebrities that also encompassed the following also became fans of the brand making it mainstream and aspirational.  What makes the brand such a prominent part of British fashion history is that it has become a sub cultural uniform since the 50s and it still continues to be adopted by each generation whatever their status therefore making the Fred Perry Polo Shirt still one of the most iconic polo shirts to this day. At Stuarts London, we stock Fred Perry, Fred Perry Reissues, Accessories & more. Fred Perry Reissues recreates some of the brands classic designs from their archive. Meticulously made in the same fabrics and colours as the originals, the reissues collection focuses on some of the brands retro styles which translate exceptionally well to modern style. Embrace the brands history yourself with these high quality styles and designs.


Is Fred Perry still made in England?

Their Made in England collection curates Fred Perry's most intrinsic designs and manufactures them here in the UK where it all started. Supporting local factories and manufacturers, meticulous care and expertise go into making each product just as it should be.

What is the Fred Perry fit?

The 'Fred Perry fit' remains the same from when it was first created. This is the idea that their polos are crafted to be a simple wear that is streamlined, lightweight and classic.

What is the difference between and M12 and M3600 polo?

The M12 is truest to the original Fred Perry shirt, designed by Fred himself and slightly boxier in shape. They continue to make it in England and the colours often reference our archive. The M3600 is based on the M12, however with a few tweaks. It has a slightly finer pique and grown on placket, giving the shirt a contemporary feel.

What is my size in Fred Perry?

Although most Fred Perry is a true to size, regular fit - some items vary. You can always drop us a message here, we will then send you some measurements and even our own sizing recommendation for you (whether it is for you, or as a gift for someone else). 

The Story of The Fred Perry M3 and M12 polos