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Snow Peak - Japanese Design

Snow Peak's adventure began in 1958, when its founder, Yukio Yamai, an expert climber, produced his own line of superior climbing gear in response to his dissatisfaction with the present market gear. When they get down at the drawing board to build their next piece of outdoor gear, they look to their birthplace and founder's legacy.

Sanjo City, the home of Snow Peak, is located in the Chetsu area of Niigata Prefecture and is also known locally as the hardware town due to its tradition of highly made metal work. A series of mountains between Niigata and Fukushima prefectures that climb to an elevation of 8,051 feet and run out to the East Japan Sea via rivers and streams. This lush setting naturally generates a deep connection to nature. Nature is a part of life for the individuals who were born and nurtured here. This is the location that inspired Yukio Yamai and continues to inspire all of the items that emerge from Snow Peak, since it is currently the location of their International Headquarters.

From 1980 until the present, Yamai's son, Tohru Yamai, has led Snow Peak to national prominence as a brand that encourages people all over the world to enjoy the outdoors and discover peace with nature. Yamai feels that Snow Peak's aim is to bring people closer to nature; that by spending time outside, we may rediscover our humanity. 

The Yamai lineage is currently being carried through by Yukio's granddaughter, Lisa Yamai, who founded Snow Peak Apparel in 2014. Snow Peak Apparel has inspired a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts, receiving high praise from the fashion and outdoor sectors. In March 2019, Lisa was appointed as the third President of Snow Peak Japan.

Snow Peak Camping Essentials
Each Japanese-made item is designed with the intention of being used outdoors and in order for you to create restorative experiences in nature through legacy-grade gear and apparel. Everything the brand produces draws upon its heritage and original core values based around the enjoyment of nature and using it as a way of creating better connections with ourselves and with others.

The Soft Cooler 38 offers 38L of space for food & drinks. The largest Snow Peak Soft Cooler, it’s perfect for days at the beach or camping trips for keeping drinks cold and food fresh. The Soft Cooler 38 is easy to fold and stow. It features insulated walls, with an inner aluminium coating to trap cold air, plus a zipper closure and carry strap.

Enjoy barbecuing in the great outdoors with the Double BBQ Box. It's a unique design allows cooking with variable temperatures by using the simple height adjustments tool. Also compatible with any Iron Grill Table set.

Snow Peak - Tableware

Titanium Fork And Spoon Set:

With this titanium fork and spoon, you can dine like royalty in the bush. The two fit within a tiny canvas case that weights less than our competitors' plastic or stainless silverware. A part of Snow Peak's Go Sustainable Collection, which aims to inspire mindful decisions regarding everyday consumption patterns and reduce our dependency on single-use goods.

Titanium Chopsticks:

These chopsticks are the result of a high degree of Japanese metal artistry in Sabae, Fukui prefecture, which is historically recognised for its famed eyeglasses. They are composed of titanium alloy, which has a higher stiffness than pure titanium and will not transmit heat as well, thus the tips will not become hot even if left in hot water for an extended period of time. The chopstick tips have curved edges that allow you to effortlessly pick up tiny items or noodles. 

Tableware Set L Family:

This stainless dishware family set includes four full sets. Each stainless steel dinnerware set includes four stackable dishes (Medium Bowl, Large Bowl, Tableware Dish, and Large Plate). Each component is composed of stainless steel that is 0.4mm thick, thin, lightweight, robust, and rust-free.

The Entry Pack TS is a Japanese-designed modular two-room tent and shelter coupling that is part of the Snow Peak Entry Line. The Entry Pack TS combines the roomy Mesh Shelter with the Amenity Dome M Tent to create a four-person living area and bedroom. 

The Entry Pack TS is intended for all weather conditions and has excellent ventilation with mesh windows. The tent and shelter are also water-resistant, making them ideal for year-round outdoor excursions. If desired, the Mesh Shelter and Amenity Dome M can be utilised individually.

The Luxury Low Beach Chair was designed in Japan and has natural wood armrests and a canvas seat. The chair is attractive enough for the house or patio, yet durable enough for camp. The Luxury Low Beach Chair has a mesh storage pocket, a high-quality wood armrest, and a 7-inch lower back than the Low Beach Chair. The Luxury Beach Chair folds up into a little container for easy storage.

The Military Sleeping Bag, a warm, compact solution for hard weather and journeys with little space, is the latest addition to Snow Peak's legacy of producing lightweight simple items. Chemical fibres are used to promote heat retention in any circumstance. The bag has pillow pockets for storing garments as a cushion, as well as a side pocket for headlamps, phones, and small personal belongings. For outdoor outings in temperatures as low as 3 degrees Celsius.

The Renewed Bamboo Folding Table, created in Japan, can conveniently pack into a big tote for outdoor usage. The table is made of coated bamboo in an updated finish and aluminium, and it is both robust and beautiful enough for the house. The height of the Renewed Bamboo Table complements the Low Beach Chair.

This exquisite single-wall titanium sake container is meant to cool your sake before serving. The bottle's basic attractive design and pure titanium construction will keep your alcohol secure. Store and cool saké in the single-wall bottle, whether in a mountain stream or a bucket of ice. Because titanium is inert and leaves no taste remnant, spirts are fully maintained.

The Classic Kettle 1.8 is Snow Peak's latest camping kettle. Made from durable Japanese stainless steel, the kettle features a sturdy handle and unique details such as a locking spout cover and hanger loop for easy pouring. Holding 1.8 litres, this kettle is large enough to make a big batch of pour over coffee.

Camping mugs in dazzling anodised Japanese titanium, a time-honored tradition. This double-walled, insulated mug will keep your coffee or tea warm for nearly the whole day and is designed to survive any adventure without adding weight to your bag. Foldable handles guarantee that this cup takes up as little room as possible in your bag.