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Snow Peak Coffee Guide

Snow Peak's mission has also been to create the ultimate name when it comes to providing equipment to aid your adventures. Since the brands inception by Yukio Yamai the label has branched out into the camping space, providing utensils with that same ergonomic and clean design that can withstand the elements. The Field Barista set from Snow Peak combines together to create the ultimate authentic coffee whilst out in the open - take a look at our guide below to see how it all works.

Step 1

To start off, grab your Field Barrista Kettle & fill with water. Pop your water onto the boil, thoroughly rinse your paper filter & discard the rinsing water from your decanter or bowl. Referencing professional-grade barista equipment, the new Field Barista Kettle from Snow Peak is designed to provide a consistent and precise pour - very important for those using a pour-over method. 

Next weigh out and grind your 30 grams coffee beans, aiming for a couscous-like consistency, and add it to the brewer. Tap the sides of the cone to level out the coffee bed. The Field Barista Coffee grinder & dripper is inspired by the professional grade cafe equipment you'd find in your local third-wave coffee shop.

By now your brewing water should just be off the boil. Now add your ground coffee into the filter lines coffee dripper and bloom the coffee. Aim for the centre and slowly drip water to saturate the grounds, using about 60g water.

After 30-45s, when the bloom stops expanding, add your water in a steady stream, pouring over dark or bubbly patches if they appear. Aim to keep the level of your brewing water about two-thirds up the inside wall of the brewer. If you wish you can stir the bloom to help drain evenly.

After 3-4 minutes your brewing water should have completely drained through the coffee bed. Now swill your brewed coffee, add any milk/sweeteners to your preferred taste & enjoy!