Selvedge Denim Brands Available At Stuarts London

Denim is all the rage in menswear this season. From Selvedge denim or Selvage Denim to Pre-Washed at Stuarts we have it all, with our most popular denim brands, bar Armani Jeans, featuring Selvedge ranges.  Why is this type of denim so in demand? One word quality. Selvedge is a type of denim which forms a clean natural edge that does not unravel.It is commonly presented in the unwashed or raw state. See below for a list of the Selvedge brands that we currently stock in store and online.

Levi's Vintage Selvedge Denim

Levi's Vintage is a name that is more synonymous with Selvedge denim as any other denim producer. The brand's American factory is world famous for its Red Selvedge. The trend of up turning your ankle cuffs is a Levis Trademark. What more can someone want from a pair of denim? This season's Levis Vintage Selvedge Denim collection at Stuarts features a jeans collection in a variety of colours and light washes including the very special 1947 reissue which the focus of the Levis Vintage collection.

Naked & Famous Selvedge Denim

One of the denim brands to own before you die, Naked & Famous Denim is now one of the turn to brands of the men's denim world. Crafted in the most prestigious Japanese denim mills, using some of the rarest denim materials in the world, the label is very much committed to producing the best pair of jeans imaginable. This season's collection features a variety of sought after models including the 22oz Elephant from the ever popular Weird Guy range.


Edwin Jeans Selvedge Denim

Edwin Jeans is one of the great denim producers worldwide. Featuring a variety of ranges at Stuarts this season, Edwin is truly one of the brands that is passionate about what they make. The featured range of Edwin Jeans at Stuarts is the Made in Japan Collection, which prides on innovation and craftsmanship, utilising exclusive fabrics, unique technology and hand wash processes, while staying true to the brand's rich heritage in producing denim.


Nudie Jeans Selvedge Denim

Now a household name worldwide, the Swedish superbrand is now a denim staple in any man's wardrobe from Paris to New York. Featuring two of the labels most popular ranges in Selvedge, the Grim Tim and Steady Eddie collections offers wearers a unique meaning to style and quality. Made from organic fabrics, a pair of Nudie is a great accessory for a laid back layer style this season. 

Tellason Selvedge Denim

A true Made in America Selvedge Denim Brand. Based in San Fransisco, Tellason have quickly become industry renowned for producing quality denim garments whilst sticking with the brands ethos of quality, sustainability and Authenticity. Made for you to personalise with wear, If you are after a true pair of Selvedge denim then Tellason is most certainly one of the brands that should be on your list.  

Human Scales Selvedge Denim

Co-founded in 2007 by Mikko Kärmäräinen and Peter Ferber, Human Scales has quickly become one of this season's hottest newcomers to London Menswear scene. Made in Sweden and inspired by coastal life the Selvedge Denim on offer at Stuarts by Human Scales offers the wearer an authentic, beating the elements, look this season.