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An Interview With: Levis Vintage Clothing

How do you take clothes that date back as far as 1853 make them relevant in 2020? That is the question that Phil Brown - Product Trainer and Brand Ambassador for Levis Vintage Clothing (LVC) -  has to think about on a daily basis. LVC is a very specialised department of Levi's that use their ever-expanding clothing archive of over 20,000 pieces in Los Angeles, CA and extensive research to recreate often culturally significant moments in time through clothing.

Known for their insanely intricate attention to detail - they strive to make thread-for-thread exact reproductions of archival Levi's pieces. Sometimes going to extraordinary lengths to get hold of the exact material that was used or even the right buttons. 

We sat down at the Stuarts London Store in Shepard's Bush to have a chat with Phil about everything you could want to know about the brand from it's extensive history to how to choose the right pair of LVC jeans for you. 


1947 501 Rigid Denim Jeans

Like Phil talks about in the video, the 1947 501 is considered the brands 'standard fit' for ridgid denim. The classic 501 fit that is most similar to the modern 501 fit. The fit is a straight fit that sits at the waist with little to no taper in the leg. 

1947 501
1954 501 Rigid Denim Jeans

1954 501 Rigid Denim Jeans

If you're looking for a slightly slimmer fitting rigid jean then the 1954 501 is what you're looking for. The leg tapers slightly giving a slightly more modern look. Sits at the waist like most 501's. 

1955 501 Rigid Denim Jeans

The 1955 features a boxier fit with the same length all the way down which drapes nicely on the leg. A nod to 50's when rock and roll was all the rage this is the style made popular by the likes of Elvis and other icons of the era. 

1955 501 Rigid Denim Jeans