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About Levi's, Behind The Brand

Levi’s first began back in 1853, this is when Levi Strauss along with his brothers, opened their very own dry goods business to serve the small general stores of the American West. However, it was not until 1873 that blue jeans were born. Levi Strauss & Co. and Jacob Davis receive a U.S. patent for ‘improvement in fastening pocket-openings.’ By adding metal rivets to work trousers, which would then become to be known as blue jeans, they had finally created stronger trousers for the everyday working man. The company continued to innovate each year, earning its title as the leading denim wear brand for both men and women. The market soon became busier, in a bid to stand out from other companies, Levi’s introduced a simple red tab, this would even to this day, become an iconic burst of colour upon a classic pair of denim. The red tab was added to the right back pocket of the 501® jean, to this day it is still proudly there. Fast forward to the 60’s the brand had innovated its product line, introducing jackets and more. The 60’s also welcomed another iconic artwork stamp for Levis, with the design of the red batwing logo by Walter Landor & Associates. This batwing, would not only become a new refresh of the brand but it would also become known as the shorthand for the brand itself.  To meet the new demands of the brand, they set up offices and factories throughout Europe and Asia. Year on year, it is no debate that the company has continued to be a brand of tomorrow with their pioneering spirit and classic designs. However, throughout all the innovation and welcomed change, the brand has always stayed true to its core values of: Empathy, Integrity, Originality and Courage. Each one of these values is mirrored into every business and design decision, that is why Levi’s has always remained iconic in the crowded market of denim and how it continues to be a leader of denim globally.  

The Levi's Fit Explained

 Throughout the development of denim, their fits have also innovated to ensure that each and every person throughout the world can find their perfect Levi’s fit. The Levi's brand wanted to be true to their values when creating fits, to keep it original and simple, they created fit by numbers. The brand also has different approaches to collections as divides them into sub brands: Levi’s Vintage, Levi’s Engineered, Levi’s Made and Crafted & More. Find below, a detailed looked at the classic denim from Levi's we stock here at Stuarts London.

501- Regular Fit

The first pair of Jeans that was ever produced by Levi’s® in 1873, the 501™ was created to be a functional workwear piece.  Combining quality denim with rivet reinforcements this Regular Fit jean quickly rose to popularity featuring a classic five pocket styling, button fly and tilted waistband.  Becoming synonymous with the american lifestyle, the iconic two horse patch stitched onto every pair of 501® Jeans symbolises the strength and quality of riveted denim.

505 - Regular Straight Leg Fit

Similar in style to the classic 501™ fit, the 505™ is a regular fit Jean with a Straight Leg. Differing only with a zip fly rather than the 501’s button fly, You get all the style that comes from a classic seat with the durability and comfort you expect from Levi’s. The straight-cut waistband hits at the waist and will sit evenly across the front and back.  Available from both the Levi's Vintage collection this season, the 505 Fit is available in a range of colours and washes. Try wearing the 1967 Pre- Shrunk dark Indigo 505 model with a pair of Bass Weejuns Loafers this season.

511 - Slim Fit

The 511 arrives as a modern slim fit, yet it has room to move adding comfort and wearability for the everyday. The denim has added stretch to also add to the comfort of this denim. This is a great alternative to skinny jeans, as whilst it adds that sleek shape, it is comfortable and stylish. 


512 - Slim Tapered Fit

Similar to Levi’s 511 Fit the 512 is also a Slim Tapered denim fit that only differs with a narrow fit through the thighs. A great wardrobe addition this season for anyone who has a slimmer build, the 512 models are available this season at Stuarts London as part of our Levi’s collection. Available in a range of colours and washes  try adding these jeans to a pair of casual boots from Clarks Originals. 

519 - Skinny Fit

An extremely skinny denim cut, the 519 Fit is one of the newest in production from Levi’s. Created for the modern man this skinny fit jean sits below the waist and remains supper skinny from the hip to the ankle. Available this season at Stuarts London from the Levi’s Vintage collection choose from an array of 519 Fit Trousers in a wide range of colours and materials including Corduroy. 

502 - Taper Jeans

Arriving as another comfort fit for the everyday, the 502 presents a classic taper with added room for comfort and wearability. This fit 502 is a refined, modern alternative to the classic straight denim jean. 


BOOTCUT: Originally designed to fit over work boots, bootcut jeans are built a little wider from knee to ankle.

CROPPED: A garment that’s slightly shorter in length, usually falling above or at the ankle.

HIGH RISE: A pair of jeans or pants that sits above the natural waist.

LEG OPENING: The width of jeans or pants at the bottom of the leg (or thigh, if they’re shorts).

LOW RISE: A pair of jeans or pants that sits lower on the waist, closer to the hips.

MID RISE: A pair of jeans or pants that sits just below the natural curve of the waist.

ORIGINAL FIT: Original fit jeans or pants are designed with a straight leg and rise that sits at the waist.

REGULAR FIT: A regular fit refers to a straight jean or pant with extra room in the seat and thigh.

RELAXED: Relaxed jeans give the wearer a looser, baggier fit.

SUPER SKINNY: Super skinny jeans fit tight from waist to ankle.

SKINNY: Jeans that fit snug from waist to ankle.

How To Care & Wash Your Levis




The following guidelines are considering law of averages with our Levi’s® Vintage ClothingTM 501® jeans. Each denim will shrink and skew in a slightly different way.

Different temperatures will also have an effect. The options for how you wash, wear and care for your 501® jeans are vast. It’s up to you to make your choice and stick to it.

Enjoy this journey and long-term love affair.

Levis Vintage at Stuarts London


Some folks like to wear their rigid 501®s without washing. The wear effect on a true rigid jean will always give the most dramatic look. You can dry-clean, but that’s only

if you don’t mind chemicals being used on your denims. Some people spray vinegar when their jeans hang inside out to remove any odour. Some simply hang their jeans outside

for a few days. Folding jeans into the freezer also does the same job.

How Do I Know What Size to Buy if I want to ‘Keep Em Rigid’ ?

Keep Em Rigid - No Washing Needed


Dip em in tub


The very first time you wear your 501®s, climb into the bathtub and let them soak on your body for up to half an hour. Drain the tub, squeeze the excess water from your legs then

get outside in the sunshine to dry them into your shape. Otherwise, bend and stretch while wearing them indoors until you can carefully slip out of them and dry them over the back

of a chair. When your jeans are dirty, simply climb back into the bathtub and wash with a little soap.


How Do I Know What Size to Buy if I want to ‘Dip Em in The Tub’ ?




Levis Vintage Wash Em Good


If you prefer a thorough wash and simply don’t have the time for handwashing, wash inside out at 86° F / 30° C. Don’t tumble-dry: it’ll shrink too much. Dry in the open air if you can,

or hang them in a warm place until crispy dry. Long-term shrinkage will occur over several washes.

How Do I Know What Size to Buy if I want to ‘Wash Em Good’ ?

Wash Em Good Levis Vintage