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How to Wash Your Levis Vintage 501 XX

Rigid Jeans (Shrink to fit)

The general recommendation for rigid jeans is that you add two inches to each of your regular waist and leg measurements - your Levis jeans will shrink to fit. Remember not to alter the hem of your jeans until the shrinking process is complete, as they can shrink up to 10%.

How to make the jeans shrink till they fit

Put on your jeans and climb into a bath full of warm water for at least 10 mintues. Drain the water away, squat down and squeeze the water out of the fabric. Stand up and - if possible - let them dry naturally white still wearing them. The jeans will mould about your body and retain your form for optimum fit. Alternatively take them off and place on a hanger to dry.

Subsequent washes

Make sure you turn the garment inside out and hand wash separately at the recommended temperature of 40 deg C as the indigo color is likely to run. Avoid soap as this causes the indigo color to pale. The jeans will shrink over the course of the first three washes. This will continue, if only slightly, until the tenth wash. If you must machine wash, follow the same rules as above for optimum results and minimal stress to the fabric. Always check the care label.

In general for all levis jeans

Delay washing your new jeans or jacket for as long as possible. Instead hang the garment out to air on the washing line and optimise the personal feel and form of your jeans. Keep the time you are apart as brief as possible.

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