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Dr Martens: Durable, Hard Wearing Boots

Dr. Marten's appeal to people who have their own individual style but share a united spirit – authentic characters who stand for something. People who possess a proud sense of self- expression. People who are different. Dr. Martens are a cultural icon. From their unique silhouettes to their bold yellow stitching, they are instantly recognisable. With a colourful history of music, festivals all through to the technical design behind each boot - to this day, there is still not a boot out there that is made quite like a Dr. Marten's boot. The style of the boots themselves possess a unique wear ability. Whoever sports the icon, can let their own distinctive style shine through whilst retaining a practical purpose and feel. The boots have always been renowned for their durability but most importantly their comfort. The unique air cushioning allows the wearer to experience all day comfort. It is perhaps this all day comfort that gave the boots a strong fashion subculture for gigs, festivals and iconic street wear. The silhouette and recognisable stitching also boats a feeling of attitude and empowerment - something that has always been prevalent throughout the brands history and its future. 

The History: Dr Martens Boots

It first began with a slightly more modest history though, Dr. Martens were first created as a low key, sensible work-wear boot. This durable boot was even marketed as a gardening show at one stage…Dr. Klaus Martens, a 25 year old soldier was convalescing a broken foot. For his recovery, he created a boot which featured an air cushioned sole (this was different to all the traditional hard leather sole boots on the market). All the way back in England in 1960, Bill Griggs was reading a footwear trade magazine. Whilst flicking through, a German advert for innovative air cushioned soles took his eye. After an exclusive license was granted, and a few noticeable changes (the stitching changed to the iconic yellow, upper change, alteration of heel) the shoes were born in England. The Dr. Martens boots were then branded Airwair with the slogan  “With Bouncing Soles” - this was actually based on Bill’s handwriting. Bill decided to then take the boots to Postmen and Factory workers, as they provided a great hard wearing boot at a great affordable.. After the working classes of Britain took the boots by storm, Pete Townshend from the who was spotted wearing them - huge news for Dr. Martens, which led the path for their success throughout the 70’s. Reggae and Ska musicians were also heavily spotted wearing the boots. By the end of the decade the boot had become a fierce symbol of self-expression at the very heart of British youth culture. Cultural movements continued to adopt the Dr. Martens as the go to footwear - to this day, the empowerment and attitude is still apparent. Fast forward to the 90’s festival culture also adopted the Dr Martens boot, not only for their all day comfort but for the style nod it brought. 

“Without music, Dr Martens would have remained a workwear boot. The music of tribes who wear Dr. Martens has become inseparable from the brand itself.”

Throughout the 2000’s the boot still remained a strong player in the game. Since then, the boots have been renowned for being worn by celebrities, musicians and above all the everyday person. Sporting the same all day comfort and durability they always have been. The full made in England men’s and women’s can be found here at exclusive stockists Stuarts London