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Denim Nudie Jeans Fashion Styles For Autumn 2011

We are a lover of denim as it never goes out of fashion, it is the lifeblood of the modern day mans wardrobe and is seen across all environments including work and socially. Denim has been one of the most versatile and practical fabrics for many years and there is a reason for this, it can transform the look of any product and make it fashionable. These products may include bags, jackets, shirts, shorts and jeans.

Amongst many fashion expert’s, denim is tipped to form a huge part of the upcoming September New York Fashion Week. One brand that has taken denim fashion style to the next level in recent years is Nudie Jeans, this Swedish brand is set to become a major player in the fashion world because of their Denim Nudie Jeans and raw, edgy style. The Nudie Jeans collection uses the fabric across their range of casual clothing and accessories but specialises in producing designer raw and prewashed denim jeans.


Nudie Jeans


Nudie Jeans has been a popular addition to the high street this summer and is set to continue into the autumn with the added exposure of leading fashion shows and designers taking a big interest in their designs and styles of denim jeans. Many stylists have said that the well-designed Nudie Jeans are extremely well-fitting, light weight and when worn with another denim product such as a denim jacket can give your look a worn-in or fashion edgy appeal. The Nudie Jeans collection takes these concepts and has created a range of washes, colours and fits to suit the male fashion industry so that an array of combinations can be utilised for any wardrobe.

To stand out this autumn the fashion shows are displaying a range of denim looks which incorporate a variation of shades of denim worn at one time, designers are putting together designs that have lighter jeans than shirts, or vice versa. Mixing the different colours of denim has also been seen on the high street, such as grey and blue denims, these styles are set to become popular through the autumn, winter months.

The Nudie Jeans brand is set to be a major part of the upcoming fashion shows and designers are taking inspiration from the unique designs and styles that the Denim Nudie Jeans products offer to the male wardrobe. By having this variation, the brand has succeeded to push the boundaries of denim fashion, with their unique approaches to fitting and denim wash combinations.