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Danner Boots Style Guide

Danner boots should be a staple of every modern gentleman’s wardrobe, and here at Stuarts London, we have a wide range of styles for you to add to your footwear collection. At Stuarts London, we understand that you may have a few questions and queries about your Danner kicks which is why we have compiled a Danner Boots style guide for you to consult. 

Within this guide, we will cover a wide range of topics, including your FAQs regarding Danner boots fit, how to care for them and even what they can offer you. We will even cover some of the famous faces who have worn Danner boots in the past, so dive in and explore the world of Danner with Stuarts today.

Danner Boots Fit 

With any footwear, there are numerous questions about the size, fit and shape of the shoe. This is why we have compiled our most asked questions regarding the fit of Danner boots to ensure that you are fully informed before you make your purchase.

How should Danner Boots fit? 

Danner is known for their comfort, and your boots should be comfortable upon your first wear. Designed for comfort and support, Danner boots should feel easy to wear, and their construction should make the natural shape of your foot feel supported. 

If you are not used to wearing boots, you may find slight discomfort as the material of the boot morph to the shape of your foot. But after a few hours, this should begin to pass. Be careful not to hike for extended periods until you are sure that your boots are fully worn and comfortable.

How tight should Danner boots be? 

Danner boots should feel snug on the sides of your feet, but you should have a little wiggle room at the toes. They shouldn’t be too snug, though, and should feel comfortable when you are wearing them casually or during hikes. 

If you start to feel pinching on either side of your big toe or little toe, this is a good indication that you may need a larger size or a wider boot. 

Do Danner Boots stretch? 

Over time, Danner boots do mould to the natural shape of your foot with consistent wear. This process may take a few weeks, but they will become more comfortable the more that you wear the boots. If you want to break your boots in a little quicker, there are a few things that you can try.

The first method is to use a leather conditioner on the footwear, as this will soften the leather quicker, allowing for the boot to mould to the shape of your foot. If the boots still feel too tight after several weeks, you should visit your local cobbler or shoe repair business, who will be able to add more room wherever it is needed. 

Are Danner Boots true to size? 

Yes, Danner boots are true to size. If you are purchasing a pair, you should grab your usual size. 

How to care for Danner Boots

  Getting the most from your Danner boots is important, and the best way to do this is to make sure that you look after them correctly. Even though Danner boots are built to be tough and withstand a wide range of activities and stresses – it is important to ensure they are well looked after. Within our guide, we will give you our handy tips and tricks regarding the care, cleaning and maintenance of your boots. 

How to clean Danner Boots?

Cleaning your Danner boots is an integral part of ensuring that your footwear lasts, and there are certain products that you should use to condition and clean your boots. Here at Stuarts London, we have specific Clear Boot Dressing that is a formulated dressing to keep your leather smooth and will stop it from drying and cracking.  

If you don’t use our recommended boot dressing, we suggest using a conditioner that is silicone or water-based. This will make sure that the pores of the leather don’t become clogged and become dry and start to crack. Treating and conditioning your Danner boots will ensure that the waterproof properties stay intact, and you won’t have to worry about your boots leaking when you go for hikes or walks in snowy terrain. 

When cleaning your boots, there are a few steps that you can take:

Remove the laces. This will give you a chance to clean the boots fully without missing any covered segments that the laces could take up.

Use a dusting brush. Make sure that you brush all of the dried dirt from the leather before you start a deeper clean. 

Don’t use heat too quickly. Adding warm water to your cleaning process can be a great way to remove stubborn dirt but make sure that you don’t use excessive heat (such as hairdryers and open flames) as this can damage the properties of the leather.

Address any damages. If you unearth cracks and damages to the leather when you are cleaning, it is important to repair and fix them before you start to wear the boots again. If neglected, the boots can become damaged even further. 

How long do Danner Boots last? 

Danner boots are known for their durability, and if cared for correctly, they can last decades. The lifespan of Danner boots does depend on the usage of the boots, how well they are cared for and the conditions in which they are used. 

Can Danner Boots be resoled?

Boot recrafting is available by Danner, and they have an online process where you can assess the eligibility of your boots for the service. The service includes new soles, restitching and reconditioning of leather. The process can take around 7-8 weeks and has additional charges, but a range of recrafting services are available. 

How to lace Danner Boots?

There are many ways to lace Danner boots, and it is often up to personal preference how you choose to lace up your boots. Here are the ways in which you can lace Danner boots.

1. Standard Criss Cross Lacing 

This is a basic method and one of the most common ways of lacing boots. Go underneath the two bottom eyelets and come outwards. When doing this, make sure that the left and right laces are even in length. 

Thread one lace through one eyelet up and across, going from under the eyelet and then out. Do this on the other side, and then repeat the process until you get to the top.

2. X Lacing 

X lacing is easy to adjust and reduces levels of friction on the lace. To start, you should go underneath the bottom eyelets and come outwards. Once again, make sure you have equal left and right lace lengths. From here, cross the laces and go through the next eyelet up. 

Make sure that you go outside to inside. Cross the laces over and thread it through the next eyelet up, but this time make sure that you go from the inside to the outside. Alternate in this way until you get to the top of the boots. 

3. Bar Lacing

This lacing method is a smart and clean looking method of lacing boots. Go across the bottom two eyelets going from the outside to inside. Both ends of the lace should come out from under the eyelet. 

The right lace should go straight up to the next eyelet and pull it from the inside to the outside. You should then take lace through the eyelet directly across to the left, outside to inside. 

The left lace should go straight up; make sure that you skip the eyelet that the right lace will be going through and then pull it through the next eyelet, inside to outside. You should then go through the eyelet that is directly across to the right by going outside to the inside. 

Take the right lace straight up and skip the eyelet that the left lace will be going through and pull it through the eyelet inside to outside. Go directly through the eyelet across to the left outside to the inside. 

Repeat this until you get to the top of the boots. 

Danner Boots FAQs

At Stuarts London, we often get asked a wide range of general questions about Danner boots which is why we have collated the ones we frequently get asked in a simple and easy to follow guide. 

Are Danner Boots waterproof?

Danner Boots are crafted with GORE-TEX® technology or have Danner Dry lining to make sure that they are 100% waterproof. All Danner boots that have been crafted with leather include water-resistant properties. 

Are Danner Boots good for hiking? 

Yes, Danner boots are the perfect choice for those who go for regular hikes. The well-constructed footwear will help you to tackle any terrain, and their support and comfort make them the ideal choice for longer adventures. 

Danner is known for its high-quality functionalities, and this is exemplified by its good traction. This means that you won’t slip in the colder weather on mud or snow. 

Are Danner Boots good in snow?

There’s nothing worse than having cold and wet feet when hiking, and within the range of Danner boots available at Stuarts London, you will find insulated and waterproof footwear that are designed for the cold. This makes Danner boots the perfect choice for snowy weather. 

Are Danner Boots made in the USA?

Danner boots are known for their high-quality craftsmanship, and every pair of footwear that they create has been assembled and finished in their factory in Portland, Oregon. With materials sourced from across the globe, Danner boots are finalised and manufactured in the USA. 

Where to buy Danner Boots?

If you are looking to add Danner boots to your footwear collection, we have a wide range of styles for you to choose from here at Stuarts London. Explore a whole host of Danner footwear, from rigid boots to mesh trainers – we have styles to suit a range of functionalities and aesthetics. You will also find Danner accessories that will help you to get the most from your footwear, including replacement laces and boot dressing.