Weekend Outfit for Men | Comfortable Smart Casual Fashion

  Its Friday and as we begin to post this outfit at 4pm – which means it’s nearly time to pack up and hit the pub for a couple of extra cold one’s. We are leaving you with an outfit to think about. It’s no point trying to enjoy the weekend looking like your still hope there is a bit of warmth left from the summer. Wake up lads – Its gonna be a cold one this winter and the sun has officially taken a holiday to Australia where the... Read More


Adidas Originals

Adidas Originals Adidias Originals, started with Adolf Dassler, along with his brother Rudolf,  who began making the  first shoes in 1920 he had one aim  to provide every athlete with the best possible footwear. It was this principle that guided him until his death in 1978. Adi and Rudi started ‘Dassler Brothers Sports Shoe Factory’ where 25 people produced 100 pairs of shoes each day. In 1948, the brothers parted, Rudolf founded Puma while Adi founded Adidas. Adi registered the famous 3-Stripes as his company’s trademark and the name Adidas.... Read More