Steve McQueen


Baracuta | If It’s Good Enough For The King…….

What do Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Steve McQueen, The Clash, Razorlight, Franz Ferdinand and Daniel Craig have in common? They all love a Baracuta jacket! (Picture Courtesy  of : straightfromthefridgeman.blogspot.com) Since the brand was established, these famous names plus many more have been spotted wearing this well known name. 1937 was the year in which the Baracuta brand was born and over the past 77 years, the label has been creating some of the most influential designs in British fashion history. Their most celebrated creation has to be the Harrington jacket.... Read More

Morning Out with the Buyer :

10:04am – ‘Stuarts London Buyer’  sets off for a meeting to view a new collection. Common People. “Common People” is a brand that isn’t about following the usual trends, instead the designs have been referenced back to the 60’s. The connection to the likes of Steve McQueen, Crosby, Nash, Young are all names given to the footwear. Each an iconic style and with heritage.  The Buyer happily informs me. (Sorry to keep saying ‘The Buyer’ , but he didn’t want his name mentioned. All very top secret …lol  I am... Read More