Sprayground, back to School in style

In the most recent release of limited edition Sprayground bags, we see some recognisable characters from the one and only The Joker to a classic nostalgic cartoon Rugrats. However, these designs aren’t just bringing us all that throw back or favourite character, they also combine the brands undertones of practicality, style, quality and of course, individuality. Each one of the new arrivals is also there to tell a story. The story that is communicated through designs can be found through thought provoking concepts, hidden details, pop culture and even colour.

sprayground 27/11/2018

Sprayground – Functional Fashion At Its Best

“When you buy a Sprayground bag, you’re not just buying a bag, you’re buying into a lifestyle” – Sprayground is a New York based accessory label that aims to bring functionality to fashion in a unique and exciting way. Read on to learn more. Founded back in 2010, Sprayground came into existence due to a frustration with the sea of ‘boring’ black bags dominating the market, with Maimi born founder David Ben-David setting out to change that. His vision was to create a deluxe utilitarian backpack that wasn’t an eyesore.... Read More