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Top Picks: April

And while you’re on a roll you may as well update your wardrobe so you can hit the ground running when you get back out there, ready to take it by the horns


Paul Smith | Iconic British Design

A brand and designer that should need no introduction. Paul Smith has been at the forefront of British fashion since the 1970s. The designer originally started in Nottingham, stocking other brands that could only be found in London but soon branched out into self-branded tailoring. Smith managed to traverse the difficult world of fashion ensuring his clothes always remained classic with an edge of fun. The designer has enjoyed a well-deserved mainstay status in British fashion. Creating both clean, modern tailored garments with an injection of colourful flare and branching... Read More


The Attraction of the Paul Smith Gerald Boot

  Paul Smith is a label that has taken many plaudits over the years. Renowned for producing collections of menswear that are on trend season after season, London’s favourite designer has also gained a huge reputation for crafting some of the finest footwear in the industry. One of the models in question is the Chelsea boot, amongst other staples such as Chukka Boots and trainers, that rightly take a place within our wardrobes season after season. One of the many questions we are posed with is  “What is the different... Read More


Holiday Fashion | Stuarts London Guide | Spring Summer Breaks

The first major holiday of the year is fast coming upon us. We’ve scouted  through the website  to put together a range of decent essentials to pack for your spring break.  No suitcase will be safe without these essentials. First up, the “Basic Needs” to keep you looking neat and tidy in more ways than one. A fresh set of underwear & socks goes a long way. No one likes smelly old ones, leave them for the gym as a holiday is the best excuse to top up. Plus if... Read More


What to wear for an evening’s entertainment

A subject I’ve yet to touch on in this blog is that of evening wear. I’m not talking about black-tie formalwear, where you don’t have to think about what you’re wearing, but party wear that requires a little bit of planning. Now I’ve always reckoned that girls have it a little easier than us boys when it comes to glad rags. The classic little black dress is a failsafe, and the sheer number and variety of cuts, styles and fabrics that women’s clothing comes in mean that girls really don’t... Read More

Paul Smith Polo Shirts 04/06/2013

Paul Smith Jeans | Spring Summer Collection

Paul Smith Jeans first landed at Stuarts London in December 2012. Its not really a brand that needs any sort of introduction. Over the lifespan of Paul Smith , such is the respect within the industry of the designer men’s brand, you have to take time and step aside to admire the creative and hard work that gets taken for granted so easily. Over the many decades, Paul Smith has established a firm foothold in nearly every part of men’s and women’s fashion. Japan is Paul Smith’s largest country in... Read More