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Nike Basketball 1972 Releases Nike Bruin (Leather) Nike Blazer (Leather) Nike Basketball 1973-1974 Releases Nike Bruin (Suede) Nike Blazer Low (Leather) Nike Blazer (Suede)   Nike has always been a much loved brand all over the world for designing and making inspiring basketball footwear to much researched top end running shoes. In recent years the re-issue of Nike Blazer has enjoyed over whelming attention and gained a loyal database of fans. Nike Blazer was originally launched back in 1972 in leather along with its sister style Nike Bruin. Later in... Read More

Nike : Hyperfuse A/W 2011

Superior design is rooted in one belief – form follows function. With performance functionality at the core of product design, Nike has evolved the fundamental form of footwear since the Moon shoe debuted in 1972. What began as a traditional process of handsewn running shoes has evolved into a machine precision, heat pressurized system that utilizes advanced modern materials. Nike designers introduced Hyperfuse technology in 2010 in basketball. After observing the extreme wear-and-tear on footwear on the blacktop basketball courts of Beijing, the Nike design team employed the new innovation... Read More