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Chinese New Year | Water Tiger

As the Chinese New Year approaches, you know Naked & Famous Denim is celebrating with a special-edition denim to commemorate the pairing of Zodiac animal and element that happens only once every 60 years. On February 1st, 2022 the Year of the Water Tiger will bring a period of positive change and financial stability.



Even among the rest of the Made in Japan collection, the MIJ8 is unique. The indigo yarns are dyed by hand in the Tokushima Prefecture of Japan using what’s called ‘hank dyeing.’ Very few people are trained in this technique, but it is such an important part of Japanese culture that the Japanese government has decreed Tokushima Prefecture an ‘intangible culture treasure.’ In hank dyeing, a master artisan gathers yarns into a bunch called a ‘hank,’ and dips it by hand into a small vat of natural indigo over and over and over again. This dyeing process represents not only the individual artisan’s decades of training but also the 1,300-year-old practice in Japan.

Naked & Famous Green Core Selvedge 22/02/2019

Introducing Selvedge Denim That Fades GREEN!

NAKED & FAMOUS RELEASE A SELVEDGE THAT IS DESIGNED TO FADE GREEN WITH WEAR! After the months earlier release of the Year of the Earth Pig Selvedge in celebration of Chinese New Year Denim Favourites Naked & Famous are at it again with the arrival of their Green Core Selvedge that has been designed to fade green with wear! How is this achieved? Well the answer is quite simple. Normal rope dying methods on effect the outer most layer of a cotton strand leaving the core layer white – This... Read More

Naked and Famous Year of the pig chines new year celebration 01/02/2019

Naked and Famous Earth Pig Selvedge

Naked and Famous Earth Pig Selvedge In celebration of the Chines new year Naked and Famous have created a Japanese selvedge Denim 12.5oz right hand twill construction. In order for Naked and Famous to create this style of denim they used uneven slub yarns creating uneven streaky toned denim. This type of construction produces a high contrast vertical fade patterns with wear. This Chines new year edition come with silver metallic buttons and rivets, red and gold exposed selvedge coin pocket alongside red pocket bags. The Denim also features a... Read More


Conventional Denim or Selvedge Denim? What’s the difference?

Have you ever been to the denim section of a store and been faced with the task of deciding to purchase Selvedge or Conventional Denim? To most of us the difference is unclear, including myself at the time of writing. When I posed the question around the office I was greeted with a cheeky smile and handed the Spring Summer Catalogue given to us by Levis® and told to go away, have a read and enlighten myself. What I found was the key that opened the door to answer all... Read More