Merz b. Schwanen


Merz b. Schwanen, since 1911

The roots of Merz b. Schwanen date back to 1911. Balthasar Merz started running the textile manufactory on the Swabian Alb in Germany. By 2011, Gitta & Peter Plotnicki, life- and business partners based in Berlin, re-established the brand after the descendants of the founder had shut down the production. An over 90-year-old henley of the former brand caught the couple's eyes at a flea market in Berlin. Their passion for authentic clothing and their vision to revive the traditional way of textile production to combine it with a modern sustainable approach lead them to the Swabian Alb.

Merz b. Schwanen: Crafting Clothes…

Merz b. Schwanen Merz b. Schwanen use old circular knitting machines from the beginning of the last century in order to create an undershirt that captures both the feeling and the quality made in Germany back in the days With the help of a traditional knitwear manufacturer based in the German Swabian Mountains, vintage fashion aficionado Peter Plotnicki revived the “old way of crafting clothes.  Driven by his passion for traditional fabrication processes this team created a collection of t-shirts and button border shirts (“henleys”) solely made by circular knitting... Read More

Merz b. Schwanen – Store Visit to Stuarts London

Peter and Dirk who run the Merz b. Schwanen label made a visit to Stuarts today from Germany to finalise the styles we are going to select for Autumn Winter 2012. Delivery is due End July or early August. The duo are so selective on who they will supply, they flew in from Germany to make sure the store was right for their brand which right now is only available in the very best of best boutiques around the globe from Japan to London. Brand History: With the help of... Read More