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Interview : Eels – Mark Oliver Everett | Stuarts London

WITH HIS NEW STUDIO ALBUM THE CAUTIONARY TALES OF MARK OLIVER EVERETT DRAWING WIDESPREAD NODS OF APPROVAL – AND A STRING OF UK DATES TO COME IN JUNE AND JULY – EELS SONGWRITER-IN-CHIEF MARK OLIVER EVERETT, OR E, TOOK TIME OUT TO TALK RELATIONSHIP BLUES, JIM CAREY AND CINEMA “ASSHOLERY”… E E L S Interview Conducted by Matt Allen Hi E, is your new album: Cautionary Tales, as personal a record as you’ve ever made? “That’s hard to say, it depends how you look at it. The Electric Shock Blues... Read More


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Here we have it the second of the Free Stuarts London Magazine for Q3. We get close up to Eels ‘ Mark Oliver Everett. Introducing a new inspiring model for this edition. A summer essential giveaway by Hugo Boss to one lucky winner. Well….. If you into Stuarts London then you’ll love the content we got ready for you to. Enjoy