London Undercover


London Undercover: Britishness at the Core

London Undercover is arriving back online and instore at Stuarts London. True to tradition and quality, the brand continues to use age-old techniques. The umbrellas are made with only the finest materials and highest quality craftsmanship. Each piece is designed and built with a contemporary approach to only add value to your everyday. The brand understands the modern day needs and mirrors these with the effortless style and practicality. An obvious canvas for expression, London Undercover opens up the possibility to explore, enjoy and take pride in what is undoubtedly, the most iconic, indispensable and quintessentially British accessory.


British Rain vs Men’s Fashion

There are but three things one can be certain of in life – death, taxes and British rain.   I won’t dwell on the former two, but writing today the third sticks firmly in my mind.   You see I hired a bicycle today. When I unhooked my Boris special the sky was a shade of grey, marl perhaps – no darker than that. By the time I finished my journey the sky was a foreboding, gunmetal grey, and then the skies opened. I felt, at one point, as if... Read More

London Undercover: A Humorous Outlook on Dreary Days

London Undercover London Undercover was established by designer Jamie Milestone, with the aim to turn around the umbrella and return to its rightful position as a fashion accessory in 2008 umbrella purveyor London Undercover has dedicated its four years in the industry to minting a range of luxury accessories with a particular aim to bring a re-emergence of the oft-overlooked rain accessory. Adding a pop of colour and a humorous outlook on dreary days, London Undercover keeps carriers dry with their well-designed umbrellas, boasting English-inspired graphics on sustainable fabrics. London... Read More