120 years strong, Filson.

Filson, it all started 120 years ago in Nebraska. CC Filson was the adventurous type, people said that he truly inherited his fathers adventurous and pioneering spirit. He loved the outdoors and all it had to offer. After living and working off the land, he eventually moved to settle in the small city of Seattle. The move gave him a new perspective and opened his eyes to what else the world had to offer. This big move happened in the 1890s, which little did he know at the time, was the best timing he could have ever picked. This is because by 97’, the gold rush hit. When this gold rush hit, people flocked up North, but the North came with some hurdles… The weather up North was cold, tough and would test even the most experienced hunters and pioneers. This is where CC Filson made the decision to use his past experiences, his love for the outdoors and his drive for success to create something that no one had done before. Filson was born. Filson used his pioneering personality to trail blaze the clothing industry - to create clothes to not only survive in the harsh weathers, but to thrive. Launching as Alaska clothing and blanket manufacturers, their market was simple it was to target the ‘stampeders to the Klondike Gold Rush.’ The brand became a household name as stories from the North started to be heard.