Heritage Research

Heritage Research: Made very Seriously

Heritage Research  Handbook Whilst new to the UK, Heritage Research has been available in Japan for some time. Initially intended for the Japanese market only, they are a brand who take the phrase and made very seriously, boasting an array of garments that grace the hands of only three crafts persons from start to finish whilst being constructed. Every piece is made to order in an English workshop; Cut, sewn and finished by hand using traditional tailoring methods and the finest British and Japanese fabrics with the additions of military... Read More

Heritage Research x Grenson Footwear

Spring / Summer 2012 – Preview – collection due in for 1st Week of December. The new collection by Grenson x Heritage Research is on it’s way in. The good folk at Grenson just announced delivery. Heritage Research is a brand for those in the know.  Over the years HR has built a reputation in the industry on producing some of the best known trends. We wouldn’t be wearing mountain inspired parka’s if HR hadn’t done a version 3 years back. So popular was their design that the rest of... Read More

Heritage Research: Traditional British Rural Wear

Heritage Research: Cut, sewn and finished by hand    Heritage Research a brand that specializes in reproducing men’s wear classic with an attention to detail that’s so extreme it borders on being autistic. All garments are meticulously made by hand under one roof in the U.K. using only the finest British & Japanese fabrics, specifically woven for Heritage Research. Heritage Research garments are crafted in England using the finest British and Japanese fabrics. Every piece is cut, sewn and finished by hand using traditional English tailoring methods. Through a design... Read More


Made for someone individual: Heritage research had collection that is homage to the returning servicemen who fought in World War II. The ravages of this conflict had taken its toll on some more than others, and many disaffected young men returning after the war found themselves unable to re-assimilate with society – they were lost.The camaraderie and feeling of belonging that came from being part of a military unit and wanting, and so, for some it was replaced by taking to the road with other like-minded types, in cars and... Read More

Morning Out with the Buyer :

10:04am – ‘Stuarts London Buyer’  sets off for a meeting to view a new collection. Common People. “Common People” is a brand that isn’t about following the usual trends, instead the designs have been referenced back to the 60’s. The connection to the likes of Steve McQueen, Crosby, Nash, Young are all names given to the footwear. Each an iconic style and with heritage.  The Buyer happily informs me. (Sorry to keep saying ‘The Buyer’ , but he didn’t want his name mentioned. All very top secret …lol  I am... Read More