Stuarts London Raises its Hat to Isabella Blow

Those who dismiss the fashion world as a vapid, ivory tower for people whose mouths are made for pouting and air-kissing (rather than eating) and models with cold dead eyes of sharks and the personality of a flannel, must visit the spectacular Somerset House exhibition, celebrating the late Isabella Blow. This deeply personal and poignant show demonstrates the wit, warmth, soul, passion and tragedy that the industry is capable of, in every battered heel and hat – charred from lighting her cigarettes from dinner table candelabras – from the wardrobe... Read More


A Man for All Seasons. (Or How to Dress for British weather)

 The British like nothing better than to talk about the weather. Below we have selected a “few fashion essentials” for your wardrobe, which will work all year around no matter what the weather.  ——– If amateur meteorology were an Olympic sport, our little island would win gold every time. This, however, isn’t really a surprise when you think of our weather which is, for want of a more sophisticated word, weird. The last few years have seen our weather patterns become a little unpredictable. Earlier this year we had an April... Read More


Schott NYC | To The Heart | We talk to Darren Harris of Schott Bros

The Schott brand has been around for a while, 100 years, to be precise. In recent years, however, the label has sunk below the radar. Schott was last a strong presence in the UK in the late 90s and early 2000s, famed more for the velux, neoprene hoodies adoring the backs of suburban youth than for the motorcycle and military jackets on which it built its name. By its own admission, the brand had devalued itself. Much like Burberry, it’d become too accessible, which may’ve helped profits in the short-term... Read More

London Fashion Week 20/09/2013

London Fashion Week – My Take

Our Fashion Week has just wrapped up, and what a week it’s been. The celebrity count’s been higher than at a red carpet premier. Spots include Anna Wintour, head of fashion for the entire world, as well as fashion royalty such as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. With all the slebs, and parties and ridiculous-looking hipster folk from east London, it’s easy to forget that these weeks do serve a purpose. It’s an opportunity for designers to show off their wares, and some of what you see on that catwalk... Read More