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Edwin Jeans and The Story of Japanese Denim

The history of Edwin jeans isn’t just a history of the brand but also of denim production in Japan itself. Japan post-war isn’t best known for its obsession with denim and American fashion in general, but a small movement of young men were determined to move away from the restrictive fashion of war torn Japan to embrace an international look.

EDWIN resort shirt 10/05/2019

Brand Edit: EDWIN – Top 6 Summer Must Haves

EDWIN: A Brief History First established in 1947 by Mr Tsunemi, the EDWIN brand has a rich history and an exciting story. Mr Tsunemi had a passion for demin, but as no denim was manufactured there at the time he decided to import directly from the U.S.A. By 1951, denim finally became available on the market within Japan and by 1961, Mr.Tsunemi crafted the first pair of the iconic EDWIN denim jeans. The EDWIN brand not only became iconic for its quality, style and products but it also became known... Read More

In Conversion With Edwin 31/03/2018
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In Conversation With Edwin

IN CONVERSATION WITH EDWIN The staple of Japanese denim for more than half a decade Edwin is the label to turn to for those who are on the lookout for a new pair of denim. Following on from last week’s catch up with Nudie you can now view our conversation with the label when they dropped in earlier this week. Revealing a little bit about the background of the brand as well as the label’s most popular Selvedge models, including it’s iconic Rainbow selvedge, and various Edwin denim Fits ranging from ED-47 to... Read More


Interview : Eels – Mark Oliver Everett | Stuarts London

WITH HIS NEW STUDIO ALBUM THE CAUTIONARY TALES OF MARK OLIVER EVERETT DRAWING WIDESPREAD NODS OF APPROVAL – AND A STRING OF UK DATES TO COME IN JUNE AND JULY – EELS SONGWRITER-IN-CHIEF MARK OLIVER EVERETT, OR E, TOOK TIME OUT TO TALK RELATIONSHIP BLUES, JIM CAREY AND CINEMA “ASSHOLERY”… E E L S Interview Conducted by Matt Allen Hi E, is your new album: Cautionary Tales, as personal a record as you’ve ever made? “That’s hard to say, it depends how you look at it. The Electric Shock Blues... Read More


Edwin Made in Japan | Europe x Japan

Autumn / Winter 2014, sees the general release of the collaboration between Edwin Europe and Edwin Japan, creating the “ED-55 Made in Japan” using 14oz Vintage Selvage Denim, exclusively developed by the famous Japanese denim mill, Nihon Menpu. Available Now at Stuarts London. Online or In store. This very special edition ED-55 celebrates Japanese workmanship and craftsmanship, combined with the unmistakable European styling of the ED-55. This particular fabric respects the traditional methods of denim-making with no pre-shrink processing. During the wash process, the denim will shrink by an estimated... Read More


A Man for All Seasons. (Or How to Dress for British weather)

 The British like nothing better than to talk about the weather. Below we have selected a “few fashion essentials” for your wardrobe, which will work all year around no matter what the weather.  ——– If amateur meteorology were an Olympic sport, our little island would win gold every time. This, however, isn’t really a surprise when you think of our weather which is, for want of a more sophisticated word, weird. The last few years have seen our weather patterns become a little unpredictable. Earlier this year we had an April... Read More


Edwin Jeans SS 13

Edwin Spring/Summer 2013 Lookbook  Edwin is back with this SS13 lookbook with another round of jeans wear in  a good old fashioned motorcycle road trip action that brings the realness. As always, these are a collection where Edwin has worked with denim from Japan, where they have their roots And as Edwin is not flash incorporating colour into their logbooks, this collection works well  as  the denim brand’s goods are highlighted nicely here  in monochratic hues and the motorbike theme certainly does the denim justice. The lookbook has an appealing... Read More

Raw and Selvedge Denim insight and characteristics

  Raw and selvage denim explained : Many people confuse the two and think they are essentially the same, however there is a big difference.  What’s all the fuss about?  Why do denim-addicts and denim-amateurs alike pay extra special attention to it? Raw denim refers to the wash while Selvedge or also known as “selvage” is the edge. Most Raw Denim is “selvage” and not all Selvedge Denim is raw. Raw denim is a denim fabric that is not washed after being dyed during its production. Its left in its... Read More


EDWIN JAPAN – UNIQUE DENIM MANUFACTURE Occasionally you will hear folks balk at the high cost of premium denim. At Edwin however, that cost is directly relate to the custom made nature of its denim. It is impossible to improve what one makes without spending the time every day to master what one does, turning ones profession into a craft. The denim technicians at Edwin are true craftsmen, as their commitment and attention to the product is unquestionably what makes the Edwin product stand out from the mass of denim... Read More

Edwin Jeans

Subtleness, Quality and Authenticity Established in 1947, founder Mr Tsunemi of the Tsunemi KK Company had a passion for denim, which inspired him to import denim from the United States as denim manufacturing was none existent in Japan at that time. Buying up used, worn-out and dirty denim, Mr Tsunemi laundered and mended them by hand in order to sell on to his ever expanding customer list. In 1951 domestically manufactured denim was available for the first time in Japan. This product was expensive and of inferior quality compared to... Read More