Danton, Japanese Workwear

Before making it’s way over 9,000km to the streets of Osaka and Tokyo; let’s retrace our steps. It all began in 1935 with one Mr Gabriel DANTON deciding to purchase shares in his sisters company ‘Manufacture Textile du Centere’ (M.T.C), Mr Danton who since becoming the manager of the company in 1935, swiftly renamed the company to DANTON. He also trademarked the eye-catching red logo, which is still used today. In terms of the clothing being produced, little has changed since the re-branding in 1935. They focused on traditional French workwear favourites such as overalls, work jackets, work trousers and even aprons, almost all of which can still be seen in the brands collections today. The goods were sold as wholesale items from their office and warehouse located at 4o rue Croix des Petits Champs, Paris. Eventually the workshop in Chatre sur Cher closed but DANTON was amendment in keeping production in France; first in Flers in the 90s and Le Lude by the 00’s which perhaps has been part of the brands appeal to workwear style lovers in Japan and all over the world.