Common People

Common People AW 12 – Comes wIth a British Twist

Common People AW 12 The great brand Common People, comes from the mind of former head of design for esteemed menswear label, Nigel Cabourn, has been inspired by  vintage Americana, by the film ‘There Will Be Blood’. Their creative Director Kestin Hare has given this collection a AW12 collection  a heavy injection of rough British charm. Designed for people with a common interest in premium clothing and footwear, opting instead for great design, strong materials and a certain contemporary take on the timeless, representing a movement back to provenance and focuses on... Read More

Morning Out with the Buyer :

10:04am – ‘Stuarts London Buyer’  sets off for a meeting to view a new collection. Common People. “Common People” is a brand that isn’t about following the usual trends, instead the designs have been referenced back to the 60’s. The connection to the likes of Steve McQueen, Crosby, Nash, Young are all names given to the footwear. Each an iconic style and with heritage.  The Buyer happily informs me. (Sorry to keep saying ‘The Buyer’ , but he didn’t want his name mentioned. All very top secret …lol  I am... Read More