Clarks Desert boot

clarks-feature 08/06/2018

Clarks Originals – A Brief Intro

Clarks Originals are a quintessential British brand, with heaps of history and a beautiful range, they’re one of the best in the business. Read our blog for brand features and much more. Clarks Originals began humbly, having gradually become one of the most storied footwear labels in Britain (if not the World) over the last 200 years. Respected for their superior construction techniques and their iconic British design, it’s quite likely that most of us have owned a pair of Clarks at some point in our lives. As mentioned above... Read More


A welcome invasion: Norse Project

  THERE WAS a time, albeit in the early Mediaeval period, that’s about 8th century CE to you and me, that the thought of Norse invasion would have struck fear into any Anglo, well British heart to be precise. The term: ‘There goes the neighbourhood’ springs to mind as the great and good would run to the hills, well if nothing else, then as far away from any monasteries as possible. Now we are delighted to welcome those Norse gods over here and into our clothes shop, we are even... Read More

Clarks Desert Boots Surge Profits For UK Brand

Clarks Desert Boots Surge Profits For UK Brand As the high street in the UK is struggling with the latest downshift and trouble surrounding the sector, it is good to hear that one of the longest established UK brands has produced one of its most profitable years. Clarks has challenged the trend on the high street with a big surge in annual profits and sales. The Clarks brand saw profits go above the £100 million mark according to Companies House and the Sunday Times. Turnover of £1.28 billion, which is... Read More