ben sherman

Ben Sherman: A True Fashion Reference

 Alfred Benjamin Sugarman, a British Stylist better known under his alias Ben Sherman founded his eponymous brand in 1963. Today the brand is a true fashion reference, but it actually all started with a shirt factory near Brighton. From the start Ben Sherman shirts could be distinguished thanks to their highly recognizable large collars with an extra button compared to classic shirts, but also all because of the unmistakable red, white and blue target logo. After having opened a store in Brighton, Ben Sherman quickly moved to Carnaby Street, home... Read More


The Ben Sherman Modern Classics Oxford Shirt 5 DECADES OF BEN SHERMAN! Where were you? What were you listening to? 60s…1963: year dot. Ben Sherman begins producing his iconic shirts from a small factory in Brighton to the soundtrack of The Beatles, The Troggs and The Kinks. Mods, skinheads and rockers have taken over the nation and the Ben Sherman button-downs instantly becomes the signature fashion essential. A year later Ben Sherman opens the Carnaby Street store. Ben Sherman’s women’s collection follows in 1968. 70s….The Clash herald “London’s calling” and... Read More


Ben Sherman x Millerain – Made in England

Ben Sherman has certainly placed themselves back on the map with the Modern Classics collection. In 1963, Ben Sherman came back from America with the idea of making a button-down shirt. Having noticed the trend inspired by polo players of the time who used the button-downs to keep their shirt collars where they should be whilst riding. This practical, yet stylish feature was soon adopted by a set of style leaders back in England. In Modern Classics Ben Sherman has applied nearly 50 years of shirt making expertise to bring... Read More