Barbour jackets


British Rain vs Men’s Fashion

There are but three things one can be certain of in life – death, taxes and British rain.   I won’t dwell on the former two, but writing today the third sticks firmly in my mind.   You see I hired a bicycle today. When I unhooked my Boris special the sky was a shade of grey, marl perhaps – no darker than that. By the time I finished my journey the sky was a foreboding, gunmetal grey, and then the skies opened. I felt, at one point, as if... Read More

Barbour x Norton and Sons | Savile Row Tailors | Collaboration

Barbour Jackets are world renowned for their heritage in producing some of the finest jackets. Over the last 5 years we have seen a colossal amount of change in J Barbour & sons. A decade ago we only affiliated Barbour jackets with our great British Country scene. The classic farmer’s  jacket has come along way indeed. Barbour focused on reminding everyone  what we all had forgot,  the sporting history of the brand , producing some of the finest motorbike jackets way back in 1936. With the re-release of the ‘Union... Read More

Barbour Accolade Waxed International Jacket

Barbour Accolade International Jacket is now on-line, and available in store. Although we have seen many releases of the Barbour Trials jackets with variations and modifications made to the the original. However with the release of the Accolade Barbour, this is about true as it gets. Its a one to one remake of the first Trials jacket worn back in 1937. Notice the suede like velour fabric lined inside of the collar. Heavy 8oz Beeswaxed cotton outer, original international branding , plain cotton lined inner and all the other fine... Read More