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Adidas Originals – Archive Re-Issues from 1984 | Dominant Court Pack

Adidas Originals have released the all exclusive archive styles of two iconic legends of the 80s. Back in 1984 the Argyle pattern was commonly seen on Ivan Lendl. Originally from Czechoslovakia, he became a US citizen in 1982. One of the finest tennis legends back in the 80s and still remained very much a top competitor into the early 90s. This Adidas release pays tribute to those memorable days when fashion was dictated by sporting legends and the high street was only dominated by Burton and Fosters (key mens stores... Read More

Adidas Originals Basket Professional OG

Sneek Preview 2012 Adidas Originals announce the launch of the Basket Professional for 2012. The adidas Originals was a benchmark for lightness when it was released. A one to one reissue from the 70s will be available in Black or vintage white in suede. The bad news is you going to have to wait until September 2012 before the first release are available to buy. Adidas Originals are giving Nike Blazers a run for their money with this re-issue.