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Eastie: Clothes With Character That Tell a Story

Eastie Clothing The recipe for each Eastie piece is tailoring ingenuity, charm via little details and revived fabrics. Eastie Company salute clothes with character that tell a story. Eastie Empire Tailors are a British sports heritage label, combining all the good traditions of tailoring with bespoke vintage style fabrics. They have an alliance with long established British mills is key to generating the standard of fabric required. Reviving old manufacturing techniques to deliver authenticity and style with substance. Inspiration comes from vintage sportsmen east and west, adventurers and gentlemen. “With... Read More



Hush Puppies x Hemingway Hush Puppies by Hemingway Design: The HEMINGWAYDESIGN have put together in collaboration with HUSH PUPPIES. This brand, spanking new collection is inspired by British Club Culture and Hush Puppies Iconic Heritage. HemingwayDesign, the folks that created Red or Dead, specialize in looking at great moments in British popular culture and putting them into a modern context- and that is exactly what we’re doing with Hush Puppies. Hush Puppies came to prominence at a time of great importance musically, as well as culturally, and is recognized as... Read More

London Undercover: A Humorous Outlook on Dreary Days

London Undercover London Undercover was established by designer Jamie Milestone, with the aim to turn around the umbrella and return to its rightful position as a fashion accessory in 2008 umbrella purveyor London Undercover has dedicated its four years in the industry to minting a range of luxury accessories with a particular aim to bring a re-emergence of the oft-overlooked rain accessory. Adding a pop of colour and a humorous outlook on dreary days, London Undercover keeps carriers dry with their well-designed umbrellas, boasting English-inspired graphics on sustainable fabrics. London... Read More


The Village Green

The Village Green….. The Village Green was founded in 2009 by Sam Knee, vintage clothing aficionado with 20+ years dealing, both in the UK and USA under his belt. Author of ‘The Vintage T-shirt’ book and serious record collector nerd, it’s the music styles and youth cultures of the 60’s – 80’s along with his archive of vintage clothing gems that form the inspiration for The Village Green designs. The designs are steeped in history yet The Village Green is not a repro brand. While the detailing and quality craftsmanship... Read More

Arrow Shirts: The Iconic Man’s Dress Shirt

Arrow Shirts…. At Stuarts London the buying team have been looking for a good shirt company that reflects quality for the price charged. Value for money. Most of the companies we viewed were good but mostly overpriced.  An Arrow shirt boasts a history that started back in 1851. Since the shirts have been famously worn by the likes of J F Kennedy a former US president. James Dean, Marlon Brando, Sean Connery, to be honest such are the simplistic style and quality of the shirts t They are fit for anyone... Read More


FOCUS ON STORE: Volta Volta try every day to increase the activity of communication of our brand through our site that has been renovated a few months ago, through social networks such as facebook and twitter and through a newsletter service,  dedicated to customer and Volta’s fans For this purpose a new “ad hoc” section, called FOCUS ON STORE will be added to our Volta’s  site. VOLTA’s communication team will select every week a shop that will be presented in this exclusive window through the use of photographic galleries and interviews.  Every... Read More

Have you got your Dosh…

Dosh Wallets Have you heard about Dosh Wallets yet ? Hailing from Australia Dosh Wallets are patented designs made from desmopan – a highly durable and soft material. offers the style conscious man an alternative way to carry their cash. What’s more… style king Kanye West is a Dosh fan. Dosh is a designer accessories brand from Sydney, Australia. The dosh design philosophy is to create functional, innovative products for the modern, style savvy individual. Utilizing the latest advanced polymer materials and high quality money clip designs, dosh wallets are... Read More

Merz b. Schwanen: Crafting Clothes…

Merz b. Schwanen Merz b. Schwanen use old circular knitting machines from the beginning of the last century in order to create an undershirt that captures both the feeling and the quality made in Germany back in the days With the help of a traditional knitwear manufacturer based in the German Swabian Mountains, vintage fashion aficionado Peter Plotnicki revived the “old way of crafting clothes.  Driven by his passion for traditional fabrication processes this team created a collection of t-shirts and button border shirts (“henleys”) solely made by circular knitting... Read More

Unit Portables: Store your Stuff in Gadget Bags…

Unit Portables: Stunning Gadget Bags… As we seem to be daily surrounded by stuff, computers, phones, cameras, iPods, iPads and a number of other great gadgets, the need to keep them all in one place gets harder.  The Stuff that makes our private and professional  life work, stuff that we need, and want to keep close no matter if at home, at the office or when travelling. And here comes the tricky part: as the number of gadgets grow and get more important, how can you keep them all close... Read More

Holland Esquire: A Desirable and Timeless Brand

Holland Esquire: This tailoring heritage is evident in Holland Esquire designs which skilfully push the boundaries of suit construction and are full of details and sartorial elegance. Exposed stitching, subtle use of colour and pattern are some of the Holland Esquire hallmarks. Holland Esquire is the culmination of a lifelong commitment to tailoring from British tailor Nick Holland. Founded by Nick Holland in 2001, growing up alongside the industry,  Nick, who was not only taught, but inspired by his father, a successful and influential tailor in the 1970’s so Nick... Read More