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monitaly | Contemporary Americana

From a young age Yuki Matsuda, the founder and head designer of Monitaly was inspired by early Americana designs, particularly those from the 1950s and was soon an avid collector of heritage Americana clothing. He was interested in American vintage as there was a closer attention to detail on the use of quality fabrics, however, he frequently altered the pieces as he found the shapes of the clothes to be at times odd and unflattering. Eventually, he decided to cut his losses and make his own clothing with the same... Read More


Diadora, B Elite OG Italia Sport

Diadora has been synonymous with sporting legends since the 1980s. To celebrate this partnership, this 2020 Spring/Summer season, diadora is proud to present B.Elite, a brand icon which has been recast to evoke the 1980 OG model specially created to celebrate the epic players of that decade. The B.Elite Italia sport is an Italian-made Heritage sneaker crafted from premium leather detailing. Italian design and skilled craftsmanship for this model which is available in two colour variations.


Rains, Challenging Conceptions of Rainwear

The Swedish rainwear company have been making waves with their modern designs challenging our conceptions of what rainwear can be with progressive designs which continue to push innovation and fashion. With their latest collection, we see Rains continue to push their designs by introducing a new fabric. The Ultralight collection features technically capable rainwear made from the absolute lightest rainwear possible. Through dedication and rigorous testing, Rains have come up with something that is practically weightless.


Farah X YMC

To celebrate it’s 100-year anniversary, Farah wanted to do something special by paying homage to its roots, and taking a closer look at what Farah represents to the people who have worn and have enjoyed it over the years. One of those people happened to be YMC co-founder Fraser Moss who has spoken in the past about his experience with the brand. Both brands draw inspiration from subculture; whether it be within music or fashion, and it was out of this dedication to recognising these groups that this collaboration was realised.


CP Company | SS20 Arrivals

SS20 sees CP Company paying homage to its early beginnings, whilst simultaneously having one eye set to the future. Many of the garments featured this season have been in CP Companies repertoire for decades but we see them here reimagined for contemporary needs and usage.


Shoes Like Pottery | Pure Craftsmanship To The Extreme

The process of these shoes which are built in separate parts, from hand sewing the laminated canvas uppers to the final kiln work is only done by the hands of specialist craftsmen at the Moonstar factory in Kurume in Fukuoka, in the north east of the country. Fukuoka is home to Ramen soup and Bridgestone tyres, which may go some way to understanding the Ku-rya process which have made the shoes legend, Moonstar being one of only three factories in Japan still using the originally American process.


Danner Boots | Heritage Meets Adventure

Danner boots first came around when Charles Danner came to the west to construct the best boots for loggers that exist. First created in Oregon in 1932, they are still the go to boot for adventure. He wanted to combine his love for the outdoors and wilderness with a commitment to true craftsmanship and quality. This ambition to innovate boots that are more than just fit for purpose still exists within each and every stitch of their latest collection. The uncompromising landscape is the spirit behind the boots which Charles Danner first envisioned in production a century ago.


The adidas Superstar | A Cultural Icon

Perhaps the most legendary and instantly recognisable adidas sneaker shapes ever and one of the most iconic sneakers of all time. The shoe which really launched the brand into the spotlight and into global superstardom. With its sporting heritage and a history steeped in hip-hop iconography let’s take a look at why the adidas Superstar with humble beginnings is still relevant today.