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Hestra Gloves Stuarts London 28/11/2020
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Hestra Gloves: Handcrafted In Sweden

Sometimes overlooked, but always appreciated – a good quality pair of gloves can mean the difference between a winter wonderland of good times and cold fingers and bah-humbugs. Hestra Gloves are well aware of this. The expert glove-makers has been making hand-crafted gloves for over 80 years. A family-run business, they are on their fourth generation of glove makers. Still to this day, every glove is designed and produced at their headquarters in the remote Swedish ski town that bears their name. With a focus on quality and functionality, Hestra... Read More


Blundstone | Quality Boots Since 1870

Since 1870 Blundstone has made the toughest, no-nonsense footwear for work and play. Established in Hobart, Tasmania the company has grown to become one of the world's most recognisable boot brands. Our history, heritage and people have helped shape the way our boots have evolved; perhaps it takes a unique place to inspire the development of a unique boot.


Monitaly | Revitalizes classic American silhouettes…

From a young age Yuki Matsuda, the founder and head designer of Monitaly was inspired by early Americana designs, particularly those from the 1950s and was soon an avid collector of heritage Americana clothing. He was interested in American vintage as there was a closer attention to detail on the use of quality fabrics, however, he frequently altered the pieces as he found the shapes of the clothes to be at times odd and unflattering. Eventually, he decided to cut his losses and make his own clothing with the same..


Naked & Famous x Batman Collection

The Batman x Naked & Famous Denim Bane Bat-Breaker Selvedge is a 16oz Japanese Stretch Selvedge denim made in the spirit of the Knightfall comic book story arc. The burlier black x black denim matches Bane’s size and costume with neon green “venom” pumping through the selvedge ID. Find Bane’s mask embroidered onto the back pocket. The waist button features the Bat signal from the Knightfall story arc. Inside the waistband, check out the dual branded logo. Finished with Bane’s menacing visage on the leather patch. Cut, sewn, built in Canada

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Mystery Ranch Backpacks – Built For A Mission

Mystery Ranch delivers bags with comfort, quality and durability. With a strong heritage behind the brand, they have been manufacturing for over 20 years. During their rich history, the brand first began suppling bags for the military, for hunting, wildland fire and mountaineers. Based in Bozeman, Montana, their first customers hold testament to the sheer quality of these bags - they truly are built for adventure.


Barbour International Duke Jacket | A Modern Take On A Classic

As it gets colder, it becomes more and more apparent that you might be in need for a new jacket to see you through the coming seasons. This Barbour International Duke Jacket in sand – not only combines practicality with style – it also gives a true nod to the core heritage values of Barbour mixed with a modern, innovative approach. Arriving in a classic sand colourway, this jacket will also give you that versatile wear as we begin to enter the colder months. With a breathable yet waterproof fabric,... Read More

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Gift Ideas: Winter Warmers, Heritage & Grooming…

This week we are showcasing some newly curated gift ideas. On this latest edit, we will be focusing on Winter Warmers, Heritage and Grooming. We have selected some of this months trending products within these gift guides to ensure you can get the perfect gift… There is also still time to enjoy 20% off your early Christmas shop with NEW20 at checkout! T&Cs apply. Browse our very best Winter Warmers… The section is designed for those that are looking for that perfect gift to elevate someone’s Winter style… From classic... Read More



Even among the rest of the Made in Japan collection, the MIJ8 is unique. The indigo yarns are dyed by hand in the Tokushima Prefecture of Japan using what’s called ‘hank dyeing.’ Very few people are trained in this technique, but it is such an important part of Japanese culture that the Japanese government has decreed Tokushima Prefecture an ‘intangible culture treasure.’ In hank dyeing, a master artisan gathers yarns into a bunch called a ‘hank,’ and dips it by hand into a small vat of natural indigo over and over and over again. This dyeing process represents not only the individual artisan’s decades of training but also the 1,300-year-old practice in Japan.


London Undercover: Britishness at the Core

London Undercover is arriving back online and instore at Stuarts London. True to tradition and quality, the brand continues to use age-old techniques. The umbrellas are made with only the finest materials and highest quality craftsmanship. Each piece is designed and built with a contemporary approach to only add value to your everyday. The brand understands the modern day needs and mirrors these with the effortless style and practicality. An obvious canvas for expression, London Undercover opens up the possibility to explore, enjoy and take pride in what is undoubtedly, the most iconic, indispensable and quintessentially British accessory.